Dr. Judy Kuriansky With Marilyn Michaels And Sylvia Sporn

Comedienne, singer and performer extraordinaire Marilyn Michaels, sat down for an up-close and personal interview by good friend and noted psychologist sex doc Dr. Judy Kuriansky, at an exhibit of Michaels’ art and memorabilia at the Jewish Heritage Museum in Freehold New Jersey Sunday afternoon. The brilliant impressionist thrilled the audience as Lilly Tomlin, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins and Katherine Hepburn, and memories of Catskills on Broadway, appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, performing with Sammy Davis Jr., and her favorite role as Fannie Brice in the touring company of “Funny Girl” which impressed even Barbra Streisand, then playing the role on Broadway. On view were Michaels’ new portraits of Mohammed Ali and Elizabeth Taylor and never-before-on-public-display erotic paintings of female thighs on Chinese fortune cookies. In tune with talking to the famed sex doc, Michaels described her 1983 Playboy Pictorial, now a collector’s item, with her dressed as famous women: Julie Andrews standing on top of hills with suspenders covering her nipples; a gorilla attempting to yank off Bo Derek’s bra; Lilly Tomlin’s Ernestine wearing a garter belt. The mag got around Michaels’ refusal to go topless by posing three babes behind her as back-up singers, flashing in open raincoats. Not shy to talk about sex, Michaels has been on Howard Stern, whom she says is a stand-up guy, especially as he sent condolences when her beloved mother died.

Photo By:Maxine Dovere