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Dune Points Rick And Petra

Petra Brehl

We are wrapping up our trip to Cherry Grove Fire Island, and what a week it has been at the only place to stay, Dune Point. If you have no plans for this holiday weekend, consider staying at Dune Point. It will be the best time of your life.

I first wrote about this place around three years ago when Petra Brehl took over and I first stayed here after deciding never to stay at the Grove Hotel ever again. I wanted something nice for a change and Dune Point was it.

I am a hard customer and I know it. But Petra knows how to deal with a hard customer like me. Everything you need, Petra and her staff are ready to provide. The Dune Point has everything you could need for your stay. Brand new renovated units have everything. Full kitchens, amazing bathrooms, dishes and glasses. There is a barbecue outside just about every door. Picnic tables, beach chairs. You name it, Dune Point has it and it is located right on the ocean.

The attitude here is the customer comes first. Anything you need, the staff is ready to get you to make your stay one of the best vacations you could have. You will not want to stay anywhere else, once you get a taste of what Dune Point has to offer. Nothing can compare to Dune Point and their staff and nothing can compare to Petra Brehl. She loves what she does and she loves making sure every single customer had a wonderful time. When I leave here, I miss Dune Point and most of all, I miss Petra. The love and care she gives everyone is what vacations are supposed to be. The memories at Dune Point are priceless.

Petra Brehl Of Dune Point

Most of my regular readers know what a hard customer I am. If I am telling you to vacation at Dune Point, you know it must be great. You all have read my reviews on many other places, and my readers know that there are not many places that can live up to my demands, I am a tough customer.

Visit Petra's Facebook page here to read about the adventures at Dune Point and to see some of Petra's incredible photos of the sunsets, the beaches and the beauty of Cherry Grove Fire Island. You can also book a stay at Dune Point, and for Times Square Gossip readers, just type in the word 'GOSSIP' at checkout, and receive 10% off.

Your Vacation to Dune Point Fire Island will be one you will remember forever. And you will never forget Petra Brehl!

Photos By: Susan Ann Thornton/Lorraine H. Michels/Ivan Korc