Kate Hudson

SOMETHING BORROWED --- I make it a practice to never ever read reviews before actually seeing new movies; it's just being one who reviews them, I know it's always better to go in with high expectations; and then be either let down or delighted. Last night we saw the new movie, opening tomorrow, from a big favorite of ours, Kate Hudson, called Something Borrowed. The reason I'm even mentioning reviews in that in reading one on this film, we accidentally spied a national entertainment magazine's review on this one … and, it wasn't good. That said, I'm happy to report that Hudson's movie was terrifically delightful and by no means deserved the grade we saw; it's not Citizen Kane, but then how many new movies these days even reach those hallowed heights? This charming gem of a movie is based on the best-selling novel by Emily Giffin. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue goes the decades old adage of promising good luck for brides-to-be. But, what if something borrowed is the groom? Hudson is terrific as best-friend Darcy who is about to take the plunge with her best friend's, Rachel, best friend Dex. The two went to law school together (always a place to meet cute, right?) and it turns out that the feelings they have for each other transcends to the about-to-be-marriage. The movie then is a series of moments to arrive to its natural conclusion. Ginnifer Goodwin is actually rather terrific as the level-headed Rachel. She's from the HBO show Big Love and though I must confess to not being a viewer when it was on, she's nothing short of outstanding here. Hudson reminds so much of her mother Goldie and shows she's a first-rate actress yet again. Three-quarters of the way through the film, there's a scene between the two ladies that is so touching; and, so poised with intrigue as Rachel may reveal to Darcy the truth about what's between going on. Terrific scene. Colin Egglesfield stars a soon-to-be-betrothed Dex, and besides looking like a younger Tom Cruise, he is sensational; bringing a sensitive side to the proceedings. I understand he's from another missed-TV show, Melrose Place, and looks like the real deal. Again, a big future for him. John Krasinski is terrific as the best-friend Ethan; reliably bringing a sense of humor to the proceedings. Directed lovingly by Luke Greenfield ("The Girl next Door") he's really delivered some sumptuous shots of both New York and the Hampton's; strangely enough, for a movie promoting the fact that it shot out there in the Hampton's, there's really only one or two beach shots and a house shot. I used to live there so I know how luscious it is; tons of places to shoot. Odd. At a rather pivotal point in the movie, there's a scene from the movie Fatal Attraction, more I felt to foreshadow what might happen .... but, my friend commented that most of the kids in the screening audience probably didn't even know what the movie was! I liked this movie a lot; maybe even grading it … if I must, at a B+.



ADELE MY BELLE --- With her terrific track Rolling In The Deep holding at #1 for yet a sixth week; it actually came down one week, then rose to the top again, the singer is the subject of an interesting story in today's Sun: If Adele was a bloke she'd need a strategically placed cushion every time she had a sit-down with Rihanna. The Brit has joined Cheryl Cole in revealing she has a female crush on the Bajan singer. But it sounds like Adele has more than just a soft spot for her. Given the chance, she would whisk her off on a two-week beano to the Greek island of Lesbos. She said: "If Rihanna wanted me, I'd do it with her. She's hot." Her infatuation started during X Factor last year. Adele said: "She had pinstripe flares on. She whipped them off and there were her stunning thighs. I said to all my girlfriends: 'Are you feeling a bit gay right now?'"


President Of The United States Barack Obama

PHOTO/NO PHOTO --- I've watched with curiosity the news all this week about whether or not to release the death photos of Osama bin Laden. Now, at first I thought they should, if nothing else than to end once and for all any confusion or distrust; but, now, I am thinking any sort of visual tool could be misread any numbers of ways and yes, certainly be used to further inflame controversy. The sad fact is how many won't believe any decision and will further question whatever occurs. It's a trick-bag either way for Barack Obama. I am glad this decision doesn't rest with me.


Oprah Winfrey

OWN MAY 25 --- Can this really be the last day for The Oprah Winfrey Show? I must admit that I've never been one to rush home and watch Oprah … but, in those moments when I've seen this show, or that celebrity, I've been mightily impressed. Let's face it, between her and Larry King … they've covered almost everybody. I was never really part of the afternoon-chat-show circuit, but she's delivered the good over and over. She's now got her OWN Network and the roll-out should be rather fascinating. Go Oprah go!


Daniel Radcliffe

TONYS – How about the TONY nominations just out? Interesting choices I'd say. Really no nominations for the cast of the excellent That Championship Season or one for Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying; Book of Mormon scored 14; and, The Scottsboro Boys nabbed 12; and, I hadn't heard of the play! Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act scored 5 along with The Normal Heart. War Horse scored 5 and the revival of Born Yesterday (which we loved!!!) only garnered 2, but with the very important Best Actress nod to Nina Arianda … and, she was superb! And, what about Spider Man … was anything expected? Let's just give it the embarrassment of the Year Award and move on … ok?

The annual Tony Awards will air on CBS June 12 at 8:00PM hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.


JONATHAN TIERSTEN --- Everyone's looking at Jonathan Tiersten as the bad guy lately. A bad guy in movies, that is. The musician-actor played a pimp in Redemption and a serial killer in The Perfect House; both indie productions. “It's certainly a lot more fun to play the bad guy,” says Tiersten, “A lot easier to play and I like the mischievous side to it.” perhaps bets known for his role as Ricky Thomas in the '83 campy horror film Sleepaway Camp, he's just released his first music-EP entitled We'll See.

He recorded the set with his band, Ten Tiers and so far, the reception has been terrific, with Sirius/XM getting in on the positive reviews. “Music is an enormous passion for me; it's not what I do, it's what I am,” he adds. He recently wrote the score for the short film Demption, a crime drama starring David Krumholtz from TV's Numb3rs. He played for years on the Greenwich Village folk-rock/roots circuit in the late '80s/'90s as half of the acoustic duo The Magic Box. His first single off the set, “Vertigo” is infectious fun. Check this one out for sure: www.tentiers.com.

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