Steven Tyler

DREAMING ON --- It was already a done deal that American Idol-judge Steven Tyler would perform on the show's finale last night, but what wasn't set was whether it would be Tyler-solo or with his band Aersomith. When he performed, right before Ryan Seacrest announced the winner; it was just him, performing the song “Dream On,” a hit for him and his band Aerosmith. Tensions without the band have been going downhill for years, with Tyler even taking a few swipes at the band and Joe Perry in his just released memoir (Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?), but this was in a way the final indignity. Many thought that Tyler would have performed his current solo hit, but here he was singing a hit the band made famous with members of Stone Temple Pilots backing him up. A tremendous song … but, not a pretty performance. The band was formally invited, but things apparently could be worked out. Sad. Tyler's re-invented himself and his career; I've always been a fan, but would have loved the have seen the band in full. Also interestingly, was Bono and The Edge performing “Rise Above” from the Spider Man-play. A real, interesting song, but, not your typical U2 song; but, moody and very-atmospheric. Idol is still a strange, strange show … having now apparently turned into an Ed Sullivan-like variety show. As I've said before, it'll become like Star Search before too long. As far as seeing Aerosmith together ... Dream On!


Bradley Cooper

HANGOVER REDEUX --- We saw a preview of Hangover 2 Tuesday night and while there was no way it was going to be as good and innovative as the first one (let's face it, the genie is definitely out of the bottle!) … we loved it. With the locale shifting to the bowels of Bangkok, it's a decidedly darker and more suspenseful take, with some spectacular stunts including one car-chase through the street of the 'kok which is priceless. Other critics have already weighed in that several of the stunts seem duplicated note-for-note from the original one, but we found it all rather delicious. Bradley Cooper who has turned into quite the movie star is more electric than ever; if you haven't seen Limitless ... you should! Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis reprise their characters with ease as well, and even though I love Zach, I must observe his tactics are beginning to wear a bit thin. Let’s face it, Due Date (also directed by Todd Phillips) was some fun, but bordered on being rather tedious. Ken Jeong who shone so bright in the first one has a rather expanded role here and really sparkles. DirectorTodd Phillips has a real feel here for succinct-note-for-note direction and it serves the movie really well. Also, his use of music, including Kanye West's “Stronger” and Billy Joel's “Downeaster Alexa” are perfectly spot on. There's also a snippet where Jeong sings along with Jim Croce's “Time In A Bottle.” Brilliant! The boys arrive back just in time for the wedding; this time with Helm's character and all is forgiven … rather too easily if you ask me! Will there be a third installment … how could they're not be? Next time out I predict a wedding for Galifianakis' character Alan … then the craziness will really ensue!


Chris Meloni

MELONI EXIT --- After 12 seasons on Dick Wolf's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, actor Chris Meloni is exiting the series. I had occasion to watch their season finale this year and despite the five people being gunned down in the episode, it was a good, if somewhat lackluster show. Let's face it, to be on TV at all these days, let alone having a show that's lasted that long is simply amazing. I well remember meeting Meloni at an event some 5 or 6 years back (while he was prepping his terrific performance as Mark Fuhrman in the MOV Murder In Connecticut) and he was totally gracious and captivating; not what you'd expect from most of these TV actors! He was expected to sign a new deal and return in September, but, obviously that will not happen (wonder if it was a Comcast decision?) It'll be interesting as always to see how he's written out of the show; but, since he's a class act, I'm sure he'll return for a proper sendoff. Good luck Chris!


EVENT OVER --- As probably the last man in America watching NBC's The Event ; the show wrapped forever this past Monday with an episode that resolved most of the questions posited in their debut show last September; but, then raised several more ... including The President's wife, who was suspected of being an alien saw the new world appearing in the sky, and, when asked by her son what it was, replied home! Clearly, the show's producers felt that another season was in its future. Guess what: It's not!


YOU JUST DON'T KNOW – PR-pasha David Salidor just turned us onto a song that we've been nuts over, called “You Just Don't Know” from Nicole Nirvana. Produced in a trance-like, hypnotic atmosphere .. it is positively irresistible. Based in the Washington area, and produced by Dave Masterz, the song and album (Life and and Love) are being shopped around for the right deal.


TODD SAYS --- WPLJ's Big Show host Todd Pettengill (with Scott Shannon) talking about all these politicians and their sexual peccadilloes earlier today, said: “I got a new motto for all of them: More duty … less booty!" Couldn't have said it better! Brilliant!

Photos By: RD/Walter McBride/Kabik/Kirkland/Leon/Retna