158 Bayview Walk
Cherry Grove, NY 11782
Phone: +1 631-597-7859

Cherry's Own Donna And Jackie With Petra Brehl

Petra Brehl With Susan Levine

World Famous Johny Pool

Petra And Rene Brehl

For everyone that has been watching my Facebook tweets, you would know I am in Cherry Grove on Fire Island. Once again I am staying at my most favorite place, The Dune Point Inn and holding court at the best restaurant and nightclub on the island Cherry's On The Bay.

Cherry's On The Bay is your best bet for great service and great food. The menu is very extensive. Serving Saturday Breakfast and a beautiful Sunday Brunch, this is the place to be seen in Cherry Grove. They serve lunch and dinner every day and even have a fantastic late night menu.

Last night I tried Cherry’s Famous Seafood Bucket, which consisted of eat and peel shrimp, mussels & clams in a stunning garlic white wine sauce. For dinner, I had the Surf & Turf. I could not believe the huge 8oz. Filet Mignon with Grilled Shrimp, Mashed Potato & Vegetables. This is a feast that is even hard to find in New York City.

After taking a stroll on the boardwalk, we grabbed Dune Points Petra Brehl and headed to the other half of Cherry's, their beautiful bar on the bay. This is the hottest spot on Fire Island and they have the best drinks. They also have world famed bartender Johny Pool. No one makes a drink like Johny. People come from all over the world to see Johny and to taste his famous drinks. Watching the sunset from the bar while sipping Johny's drinks is something you could never forget. And Cherry's owners Jackie and Donna are watching every single customer to make sure their visit will be remembered for years.

Cherry's On The Bay has the best DJ's on the island and last night they had another famous record spinner, Susan Levine. I have heard of Susan for many years, but last night was the first time I got to meet her and listen to her spinning. I think she is the best DJ I have ever heard. Susan feels the crowd, she controls the party. Her music reminded me of the Famed Limelight club in New York City. When Susan spins, you got to dance. You just have too!

So if you want a great vacation on the water, Dune Point is the place to stay and Cherry's On The Bay is the place to eat and party.

Photos By: James Edstrom


Theresa said…
Hey - hi to all!!! Great page n pics! Cherry's is the Best for Great Party's and Dune, well the dune is the BEST place to be!! Can't wait until the next get away!
Anonymous said…
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