Nick Swardson

Cedric The Entertainer

The Entertainment League (E LEAGUE) is a celebrity basketball league consisting of a collection of film and television actors, producers, directors, recording artists, and other Hollywood Insiders. Notable stars include Jamie Foxx, Zac Efron, Adam Sandler and Chris Pine have played over the years. The E LEAGUE, which was originally owned and operated by the NBA, is now owned and operated by Shane Duffy and Felisa Israel, co-owners of Entertainment League Productions. The E LEAGUE kicked off its 13th season this December in Santa Monica.

After a long season and On Sunday, May 1st the Chicago and New Orleans met in the finals! After a lot of back and forth the New Orleans team won!

After the championship game there was a celebrity all star game. Celebrities including Cedric the Entertainer (who coached the team) Anthony Anderson, Donald Faison, James Lesure, KTLA’s Roger Lodge, Bill Bellamy, Josh Morrow, Greg Finley, Nick Swardson, plus many more put their game faces. Although they didn't win against the visiting team they had a great time playing and entertaining the crowd. Cali Swagg District also performed “Teach Me how to Duggie” and there was also a slamdunk contest following the game.

Photos By: Michael Bezjian