Ricks Cabaret

The Girls of Rick’s Cabaret, NYC ‘s foremost Gentlemen’s Club, have cast their votes for the top 3 American Idol finalists. James Durbin is the absolute favorite, getting the most votes (47%), followed closely by Pia Toscano (36%), trailed by Lauren Alaina with 17% of the votes.

“James has the complete package,” gushes Rick’s Cabaret Girl Cynthia.
“As soon as he wins, I’d like to give him his first lap dance,” she adds.

“I think Pia is so hot! No matter what happens in this American Idol competition, I’m sure the door will always be open for her to come and dance at Rick’s,” says Rick’s Cabaret Girl Ginny.

“Lauren is amazing,” declares Rick’s Cabaret girl Margaret, “but she’s only 16. She might not be mature enough to handle the top spot.”

All of the Rick’s Cabaret Girls seem to agree that this season’s judges are fair and entertaining. They unanimously love Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. “They each add a little spice to the dish,” says Rick’s Cabaret Girl Wendy. “They’ve given the show a fresh new start and made it a pleasure to watch!”

Speaking of a pleasure to watch, the entertainment on the stage at Rick’s Cabaret is always delightful. Whether the dancer is a blond, brunette or redhead – you can be sure she will be sexy and fun-loving.

We love the roof deck, where smoking is permitted year-round. It’s also got the best view of the Empire State Building in the world. Rick’s Cabaret is located on 50 West 33rd Street in NYC.