“Over the years, I have worked extensively with long hair, short hair, curly hair and ethnic hair for men and women of all ages and the secret is to work with the extensions so that it looks like your own hair.”
- Angelo David

Angelo David

If you want to take your tresses from short to long, thin to thick, or just add a little oomph to your look, hair extensions can be your best-kept-secret… when done correctly! Without expert selection, application and care, extensions will fail to achieve the desired, stylishly flawless look. A beauty-industry veteran, Celebrity Hairstylist Angelo David of Angelo David Salon in New York City, found himself frustrated with the lack of quality and customization available for his clients and set about to create a hair-addition system that would reflect the uniqueness of the individual and his salon. Seeking to create a collection of customizable, 100-percent genuine tresses, Angelo David developed Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™ (couture extensions for length; additions and fillers for fuller, thicker hair; fringe for bangs or hairline correction; and wigs)! Commissioned with a specific vision, need and sense of style, Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™ are customized for each individual, so that no two are alike!

Angelo and his team will help to expertly select the appropriate extension type, texture and style that fit your day-to-day routine. Following a thorough talk and look at your locks in the salon’s private Consultation Room, your new tresses are designed on-site to match your hair texture, type and color. Your tresses will blend seamlessly into your lifestyle for an always beautiful, natural look. Following the application, the hair is cut and styled for flawless blending. Don’t forget to pick up an Angelo David Detangle Comb or Angelo David Boar’s Hair Brush to aid in maintaining your damaged hair all the while keeping your new locks fabulous! Like haute couture designs, everything about Couture Hair is original and personalized.

Angelo David’s Couture Hair can solve any hair challenge and meet any need—be it volume, length, couture and corrective color, styling control, fringes and bangs or medical considerations!


48 East 43rd Street (bet. Madison & Vanderbilt Avenues)
2nd Floor
New York City
(212) 883-6620


Angelo David Salon is all about customizing the look of the individual in the chair. Not quite minimalist, the clean, stylish salon features key pieces, such as plush leather seating, a full amenities bar with cappuccino, rich wood accents and subtly placed photography. The result is a perfect balance between distinguished, elegant design and a relaxed, comforting atmosphere.