Elizabeth Taylor

ELIZABETH TAYLOR--- Say what you will about Elizabeth Taylor, but when she left us yesterday, she was unquestionably the last of her kind. The last of the greats; Tony Curtis gone; Jack Lemmon gone; Karl Malden gone; Rock Hudson gone … she was the last star from the actual true Golden Age of Hollywood. Kids today don’t know her and if the name is at all familiar it’s more about her humanitarian efforts than anything else … and, just maybe about her eight marriages. Personally, I loved the 1966 epic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and 1959’s Suddenly Last Summer; every time I saw a clip from the numerous TV-tributes coming in (btw: Access Hollywood had the best devoting their entire show to her passing yesterday) especially from Woolf, I was transfixed. I also loved Giant (1956) alongside Hudson and James Dean. I think it speaks volumes that she ultimately turned her efforts by and large to combating AIDS after the revelations about her dear friend Hudson came to light. If anything, she should be remembered for that … forever. Rest easy Queen Elizabeth!


MARSHALL AT MORRISON --- Photographer Jim Marshall knew Johnny Cash since 1962; became close friends and shot photographs for five of his seminal album covers. Marshall captured Cash as no other photographer ever did; his famous iconic shot of Cash flipping the bird goes down in history as one of his most celebrated images. NY’s Morrison Hotel’s Gallery exhibition focused on these Cash-photos; featuring 20 prints, including four of the iconic images printed during Marshall’s lifetime that will be made available for the first time as well as limited-edition state prints made from the original negatives will be shown. Marshall passed away in New York on March 24, 2010.


Stan Lee

A FINE SPIDEY IDEA --- Here’s an idea for the remaining Spider Man producers: Now that you've got one of the web slinger’s legendary script-people on board (finally!) … why not manufactured a comic book illustrating the show, music, characters, and pass them out in the style of the Playbill every theater-goer is given as they enter the theater. Hell, one could probably even engineer a deal with Playbill and have that as the item. If nothing else, it'd be an instant collectible! Also, have Marvel Man-Stan Lee finally come out of hiding and say something about the show; heck, maybe even have him write one of the scenes. It’s amazing to fathom that even with Julie Taymor out; new people in … the damned show is still selling out in previews. I haven't seen it, but would love too. Remember boys: the comic book/Playbill idea is mine, but I am open to negotiations .. and, some tickets!


Bette Midler

PRISCILLA THOUGHTS --- I'm as glad as anyone that this terrific production has finally been unearthed and brought to the stage. The 1994 movie, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert featuring Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce, was a ground breaking terrific piece of work, most assuredly the sublime direction and writing by Stephen Elliott, but, that said, I don't recall many of the songs in the theater presentation being in the original film … what gives? Said the review in Daily Variety, “As with ‘Mama Mia!’ existing songs are shoehorned in with little rhyme or reason. The original film was built on pre-existing disco hits, but only four have been retained in the Broadway song-stack.” So, the Broadway show has just been updated … right? Seems a little cheesy ... don't you think? I saw producer Bette Midler (one of the 35 producers no less) in a PA spot on The Today Show last week and she never mentioned the film. I don't mean to be a curmudgeon, but the film was terrific! Groundbreaking and certainly ahead of its time.


Graham Nash

STONED AGAIN --- David Crosby and Graham Nash have launched their own record label, Blue Castle Records, with the first-ever digital edition of the live album Another Stoney Evening, recorded forty years ago, in 1971 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. "This album represents the very beginning of our musical relationship as a duo," says Nash. "Whatever David and I do well together, it's wonderful that we're still doing it well. For the upcoming tour, with a rock 'n roll band, we've gotten fantastic advance response. It's exciting to be bringing this great new show to people." I well remember first hearing this album when it came out, my own stoney evening I recall, and the two were at the height of their prowess. If you're a fan … definitely worth hearing.


ENQUOTE --- Monkee-author Eric Lefcowitz on the forthcoming Monkees-summer-tour: “They were a brand that became a band. This is a story that's not often told, or maybe, not commonly understood. They were kind of aggrieved that people thought they were just this plastic pop group. And they eventually got a chance to make their own records. So you actually hear the Monkees playing on 'Pleasant Valley Sunday.' Their first hits were great studio musicians, and tremendous people playing on them. But they actually became a band.” I'LL BE BACK --- I'm off to Europe for a week's respite - see you in a week!