Abby And Lorraine Cancro With Maureen Seaberg, Ralph DePalo
And Yvette Wenger

Marcella Cancro With Rita Cosby And Chris Hajduk

“PTSD’s Finest” rolled into one of New York’s top restaurants to celebrate a special birthday last weekend for Lorraine Cancro. The esteemed psychotherapist is a writer for Exceptional Parent Magazine and director for the International Committee Against Mental Illness’ Global Stress Disorders Program, which focuses on research and treatment for, among other things, post-traumatic stress disorders in veterans.

In the heart of Manhattan, Lorraine’s family and friends “roasted and toasted” her over Trattoria’s fine wine and great Italian cuisine as balloons, gold confetti and musical themed birthday d├ęcor covered the tables. Guests included top psychiatrists, professors, authors, actors, a professional bodyguard, and even TV host Rita Cosby who was named “spokeswoman” and lending her “voice” to ICAMI’s programs and projects, while touring the nation with her book, Quiet Hero. Rita and her composer/filmmaker beau Tomaczek Bednarek, hosted the special birthday bash and called Lorraine Cancro a “force of nature helping those in need” and “one of the most exquisite women they’ve ever known.”

The raucous crowd feasted past midnight; It was a great night honoring a beloved woman!