PRINCE – I haven't really commented on it yet, but when I went to see Prince last month at Madison Square Garden, I walked out thinking it was the best live show I've ever seen. I was reluctant to even think that, let alone say it, because with the amount of shows I go to see, I'm always ready to see the next big thing. However, when I conversed with WPLJ’s Race Taylor (who goes to see literally hundreds of shows, let alone plays all the hits on his show and was at the same show as I) and, he said exactly the same thing; I felt ready to admit it loud and proud. I mean, if he was ready to take the plunge … so was I! Prince hasn't had a hit single in more than 15 years and has gone even longer without a legitimate hit album; but, his reign is stronger than ever. The last time I caught the Purple One was a good ten or so years ago at Radio city Music Hall. Now, 52, older and no-doubt much wiser, his almost three-hour show was a total revelation; bordering on a religious experience for sure. Firstly, I had forgotten what an amazing guitarist he is; simply sensational. Second, he is without a doubt one of the best live-entertainers I have ever seen; part Michael Jackson, part-Gene Kelly, and part-Bruce Springsteen. Singularly awesome. From the moment he first stepped onstage, walking over to a piano and banging out the first few verses of his numerous hits, it was at once apparent that he has more hits than mostly any current artist today, and yes, he was going to tease us throughout the show. The show was really broken down in to three parts; his early-Motown-like phase, where he sounded like Jackie Wilson at times; his rock-flavored tunes; and, the hits. Spot on perfect in every way. I found it rather satisfying when he kept mentioning that this show was live …and, old school. He obviously is more than aware that his successful reign has spanned many years; both old, and, now new!

The band that he currently has is nothing short of terrific (the Dap Kings featuring Sharon Jones) and worked flawlessly with him. Saxophone great Maceo Parker (who played with James Brown for two decades) was a very well received guest. Prince kept asking the crowd if they knew who he was; and, though most in the audience probably did not, he kept pace with Prince perfectly. He didn't do all his hits, but “Peach,” “Purple Rain,” “Raspberry Beret,” “Nothing Compares 2 U,” “Baby I'm A Star” and, two songs he wrote for other artists; Sheila E’s “A Love Bizarre” and “Cool,” originally recorded by the Time, were note-for-note perfection. I went into wanting to hear “Little Red Corvette” and Diamonds And Pearls” but left feeling extremely pleased. Really … the best show ever!


Les Paul

BECK DOES PAUL – Last spring at NYC’s Iridium club in Times Square, Jeff Beck hosted an all-star salute to the late-guitarist Les Paul and now our friends at Eagle Rock have released a DVD shot in high definition.

On June 9, 2010, which would have been Paul’s 95th birthday, Beck was joined by Brian Setzer; Gary US Bonds; and, Imelda May and her band led by Darrel Higham, for a variety of terrific performances including “Bye Bye Blues,” “Sitting On Top Of The World,” “Mockin’ Bird Hill” and the classic track “Peter Gunn.” What’s fascinating about the evening, besides the terrific music, was the host of celebrities sitting in the audience, which included David Bowie, Steve Van Zandt, Paul Shaffer, Kirk Hammett, and, Nils Lofgren. Beck released the CD Live At Ronnie’s Scott last year and his performance of Steve Wonder’s “Cause We've Ended As Lovers” was as terrific of his initial recording of that song in 1983. The terrific package also includes a behind-the-scene interview with Beck which is terrifically fascinating. A five-time Grammy winner, with five more nominations for this year’s show (which airs this Sunday), the artist will undertake a tour this spring with May and her band. Last year he also performed several shows with Eric Clapton and though I wasn't there, I heard there were simply sensational.


Russell Crowe

POWER BALANCE – You may have noticed these thin-slim bracelets on many performers, like Russell Crowe and Khloe Kardashian, and sports figures, like Lamar Odom and Shaquille O’Neal. The deal with them, from Power Balance ( is that they employ a new type of energy-flow using a hologram-based technology common to many Eastern philosophies. Power Balance is the firm that has manufactured and developed these and after wearing one for the past two weeks, I must admit I do feel a subtle shift in my body chemistry … and, to the positive … really! I'd recommend going to their site and continuing to review their notes and accolades. I mean, if these bracelets are gaining renown in the sports community; there’s got to be something there. These days, bombarded with stress from every angle; give these babies a try. I mean, how could you not?


Regis Philbin

LONG LIVE KING REGIS – I first met Regis Xavier Philbin in Los Angeles, when he was the co-host of the Joey Bishop Show. I was young and cocky, but knew at first blush that this guy had something that stood out from everyone else.

All these years later, I have fully recognized the impact that Reege has had on the entertainment scene in general; from reviewing movies; to his many talk-shows (with co-hosts including Mary Hart, Sarah Purcell, Cyndy Garvey, Ann Abernathy, and Kathie Lee Gifford) and his now-patented host chat segment, which begins each show. The conversational concept, borrowing somewhat from The Jack Parr Show, is a 12-15 minute segment where Philbin and his host talk about what they did last night. I know it might sound thin on paper; but, it’s worked like a charm; let’s face it, Barbara Walters The View borrowed this theme note-for-note. Philbin’s success with the original version of ABC’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire made him a world-wide media-sensation overnight, and even Reege was amazed by its success. His everyman-style is a winning one, and with friends like David Letterman (who dropped by as a surprise guest this morning), director Barry Glazer, and, new-talk show pundit Chuck Grodin, he’s a bona fide national treasure. As much as I have grown to love Kelly Ripa; I cannot see the show continuing without Philbin. Said PR-man David Salidor, “The reason that it’ll be almost impossible to replace him is the fact that Regis is the real deal. He’s the consummate pro; what you seen on screen is all him. He’s really one of the last great originals.” Though rumors abound in the industry that Philbin’s leaving ABC over money issues, I predict he’ll be back very, very soon on TV. In fact, Simon Cowell, who’ll be back on the TV screens with his X Factor show, has already said he’d love to have Philbin as one his of his yet unannounced judges. Who wouldn’t? We love you Reege.

Photos By: RD/Kabik/Orchon/Dziekan/Derek Storm/Retna