Kathy Posner

Let’s pretend you get a call from a television producer. He tells you that FOX television has developed a prime time show about you. They want to shoot all the footage inside your home, but they will make your residence look as slovenly as it could. You, personally, will not be on the show, but the actors, who will portray you and all of your friends, will make you and they appear corrupt and wretched as possible. They will take every stereotypical trait that exists about your “kind” and exaggerate them to expose you in the worst light. By the way, you would not get paid anything for agreeing to have your reputation destroyed. Would you say, "Yes"? Of course not! So why did the City of Chicago allow access to the production company of the new show, “The Chicago Code?”

I watched the show’s debut last Monday night and had to turn it off after ten minutes because I was so offended by the depiction of the City of Chicago itself as a hotbed of corruption (Which it is, but why are we publicizing that to the world? Let’s keep our dirty laundry to ourselves!) Yes, Chicago has crooked Aldermen who have gone to jail, but as a City do we want to show that to an international audience?

Should the city’s new tourism slogan be, “Come to Chicago. Land of Corruption?” That is what the city must obviously want to depict or why else would they have allowed the production company access to City Hall and City Council Chambers.

Let’s just tweet it with exactly 140 characters—“Chicago has corruption. Let's share that with the world by helping a TV production company shoot a fictional TV show and pretend it's real.”

Did "The Powers That Be" in the Chicago film office not look at the script first before approving the shoot and see how the city was going to be portrayed?

Maybe they got tricked like I did when I played the part of a caller into a fictional radio show for "Chicago Code" like when Mancow called me and asked me to pretend to be calling into his show?

I spoke to a few Chicago police officers and asked them what they thought about the show and if it were at all realistic. They agreed with me that the show was bogus and that they did not like how the police were portrayed. And then one of them gave me the answer to the question of “Why Did Chicago say Yes?" Somebody must have been paid off! So perfect, so typical! We, as Chicagoans, do know that IS the Chicago Way.

Editors Note: I agree with Kathy Posner. I love Chicago and think most of the other cities including New York City, can learn from this great city. I just do not understand the bottle of Absolut photo she sent us with the story. I can only guess the show has driven her to drink, but I would think after so many years of knowing Mancow, that would have happened already.

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