Malan Breton With Dr. Judy Kuriansky

Sexpert Dr Judy Kuriansky met up with multi-talented designer and former Project Runway contestant Malan Breton at this week’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, thrilling to his new collection and sporting a new “hat” to her multi-faceted career in her new role as Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance for Friends of the United Nations. Kicking off their new Tolerance Campaign, Dr Judy says, “Tolerance is chic,” and fashion draws from textiles and inspiration of many cultures. Famous designers expressed enthusiasm over the colorful hat with images from peoples all over the world, and their appreciation for multi-culturalism. Malan Breton, a favorite and friend of Dr Judy’s, showed his Eastern-influenced collection, calumniating in a dramatic mock marriage scene with the bride in an exotic flowing red silk gown. Born in Hong Kong, Breton was stylist of Kylie Minogue, also a Dr Judy friend, and a dancer with Paula Abdul and judge in a fashion context with Kim Kardashian.