The Phillip Bloch interview from New Era’s L4 Lounge
in New York City!


Simon Van Kempen With Philip Bloch And Alex McCord

Scott Adsit With Philip Bloch

Philip Bloch

Alex McCord With Simon Van Kempen

What brings you out today?

Well, I’m out here for Fashion Week in New York, AM New York and New Era hats gifting suite. We want to have a little fun, listen to some great music with the DJ, get a little Dewar’s cocktails, some jeans, Godiva chocolates, a little bit of everything. We’ve got fashion, food, everything. Plus, Lincoln Center is to the left, to the left!

What’s your best advice on how to wear caps?

Caps, you gotta find what’s going to be appropriate for where you’re going and that fits the shape your face. I think it really about knowing how to change up your caps. You want it to look one way for evening, one way for daytime. Like styles like this, the New Era EK fedora, that look great on a guy, look great on a girl. You can dress it up. You can dress it down. They are great on the weekend whether you are at the club or just riding your bike around down.

It always varies. You have to find the hat that you feel looks best on you. You want to accentuate the positive and look for hats that you can change up. I like the New Era EK duckbills because they draw big attention to small detail, like the patent leather on this one for some extra style. Big attention to small detail, that’s the whole New Era flavor.

And, we’ve got all the fitted caps over there, gotta support the Yankees – you know New York’s our team. I love hats that are little more casual with the classic style, like the Gatsby’s. Love the non-fitted baseball caps, the snapbacks. Also, the ones with stretch….We’ve got ‘em any way you want ‘em.

Where do you look for trends and inspiration

Trends and inspiration come from everywhere. Madonna did her song “Vogue” years ago and it says beauty is where you find it. That is also where you find trends and inspiration. It could be in an old movie. It could just be watching somebody walking down the street. Or might be something that just pops into your head, but careful about those voices!

What are the hottest spring and summer trends?

I think the best trend that we are seeing in this spring and summer is that it’s all about being comfortable and yet looking great. Finding things that don’t have to fit so tight that you can’t move and you can’t breathe. It’s about a relaxed elegance. And I think that is a trend everybody can get with. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’s about being able to find that elegance that mixes. Kinda like these fedora’s. I love these because they go for the guys or they work for the ladies. I was just putting my assistant in one and she looked hot in it! So it’s all about being able to mix it up. Now more than ever you see people creating perfumes that are for both men and women, or hats that are for men and women. It’s really all about being able to mix it up. And every girl wants to borrow her boyfriends jeans, why not his hat?

What collections are you most excited to see this season?

I am always excited to see Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Christian Siriano is a great friend of mine, Catherine Malandrino’s show yesterday was amazing. There are so many new designers out there too, it’s really about going out there and trying to experience what you want to see. Everybody does a little something different every season so I always try to look and see what someone did last season to get a flavor for what they’re doing next.

What is one current trend you would like to see disappear yesterday?

The current trend I would like to see disappear yesterday is reality TV!

What is one trend you would like to see come back?

The trend I would like to see come back is a little bit of class and elegance, and a modicum of dignity. Diddy, Jay-Z, and even Justin Bieber were all dressed up at the Grammy’s. I hope to see a return to big attention to small detail and classic elegance. But keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be stuffy or fussy. It’s all about making elegance you and making it comfortable.

What is it about the New Era EK line that appeals to you and works for your clients?

I think the great thing about New Era’s EK line is that it has this wearable, comfortableness that anybody can wear. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or going on a trip. The Duckbills and Gatsby’s are really easy to pack and don’t get ruined. You can stack ‘em together and fit a lot in your suitcase. Plus it’s a great way to change up your look. My clients love them.

Must haves for every woman and man, regardless of shape or size.

I would say that you just gotta have me! And if you don’t have me, you gotta get my new book “The Shopping Diet”, because that’s like having me but not costing as much! So that’s a good thing to get.

Every woman should have a great pair of black pants, a black pencil skirt. For men and women the new black is brown, or burgundy, or navy. We don’t all have to wear black to get that same slimming effect. See, I’ve got my little navy suit on, my little piqued lapel. For men, piqued lapels are very very in. Even for women piqued lapels are great, very elongating. Also, a good turtleneck goes a long way depending on the season.

Which celebs have really hit it out of the park this awards season?

Lea Michele has been leading the pack. J.Lo just never misses, she always looks great. And you know, I’m getting a little ‘Bieber Fever’ after his outfit last night at the Grammy’s, a la Dolce & Gabbana. Selena Gomez is looking sexy as well. I think we are definitely seeing a return to elegance and it’s about the young girls.