Afterlives of the Rich & Famous by Leading
Psychic Sylvia Browne Features Intimate Afterlife
Accounts of Beloved Musicians & Celebrities

Sylvia Browne

For the first time, Sylvia Browne reveals how cherished stars are reflecting on their most recent lives and using their talents since crossing over to the Other Side. Marilyn Monroe and Lady Diana Spender are just a few of these illustrious characters whose afterlife activities have been recorded by Sylvia through her spirit guide, Francine. Monroe leads a quiet life and looks back on her most recent lifetime with increasing clarity. She knows now that she was bipolar which is why she was most comfortable when she was acting – pretending to be someone else. Though it’s not clear whether the two have met, Anna Nicole Smith, who followed a path quite similar to Marilyn Monroe’s, has also come to terms with the bipolar disorder she suffered on earth. She’s also happily reunited with her true father who took the form of her son Daniel in her recent incarnation.

Princess Diana, after taking several years to recover from her dramatic experiences on earth, has reinvested herself in the welfare of animals and children working tirelessly to eradicate diseases and other threats to their health. With the burdens of living finally off their shoulders, in addition to performing, celebrities are able to pursue other passions they never had time for on earth including philanthropic causes, medical research, working to bring world peace and, in many cases, imbuing their talents to the living. One example is Bob Marley, whose song “One Love” is just as big a hit on the Other Side as it is here, who composes songs and infuses them to a young musician in Ethiopia by the name of Muata.

Some of the younger celebrities Sylvia was able to contact via Francine are already planning their next incarnations. Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy have both charted expedient incarnations for themselves. Ledger plans to return the year his daughter turns eleven and will re-enter her life as an “oddly familiar” stranger when she is in her early thirties. Murphy has charted an “exquisitely unremarkable” life in Portugal. It will be her fourth incarnation on earth.

Oh and yes, Elvis is alive. He reincarnated in 2004 and lives on a vineyard in France. Now if only she could find Tupac…

Find the intimate details of the afterlives and reincarnations of some of our most deeply misses celebrities, musicians and public figures including Heath Ledger, Princess Diana, JFK Jr, and Jackie Kennedy O’Nassis, in Afterlives of the Rich & Famous by Sylvia Browne.