Rainey And Andie MacDowell

Scott Wolf

Bianca Kajilich

Adrienne Maloof With Husband Paul Nassif

Sundance's "House of SWAGG" was a popular hot spot for celebrities today. Notable guests included Andie MacDowell and her daughter Rainey, Scott Wolf, Emily Mortimer, Rules of Engagement's Bianca Kajilich, William Mapother of Lost, Kay Panabaker star of the new film Little Birds, Vampire Diaries' Chris Mollere, Beverly Hills Housewife Adrienne Maloof with husband Paul Nassif, and Bobby Cannavale from Win Win among others.

waffle, charged cotton, and the best of winter jackets. Andie McDowell and daughter giggled and enjoyed trying on cute ski jackets, One of the most popular booths was Under Armour, where celebrities scoped out the catalyst Rainey Rainey gushing "It is so hard to find things that are warm and good for an active lifestyle, but still cute. That's why I love Under Armour!" Emily Mortimer picked up burnout tees for working out, and Adrienne Maloof declared that the purple fleece and jacket were her favorites. Chris Mollere and Scott Wolf were both fans of the charged cotton and great new boxers from Under Armour.

The biggest hit of the day, though, was Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in the suite featuring SWAGGTM, a new mobile application that enables smart, efficient and rewarding transactions on the go. SWAGG allows users to purchase, share and exchange gift cards, receive and redeem offers, view loyalty card points or balances, share content and more - straight from the convenience of a mobile device (visit for more information). William Mapother exclaimed that when life gets hectic, it is great to have an app like this to make things easier, and he was so impressed by the charitable aspect as well.

The "House of SWAGG" offers a new twist to an old standard by providing a cash donation to Stand Up To Cancer ( ) for a portion of the gift values offered to VIP guests. Stand Up To Cancer raises funds to accelerate groundbreaking cancer research and engages the public in supporting the scientists working to end the disease. VIP guests may choose to have all of their gifts donated directly to the charity instead of taking them for themselves. Kate Panabaker and Andie MacDowell both felt it was so important that while they enjoyed the benefits of celebrity, a significant donation was being made to the people need perks the most.

Photos By: Spencer Strayer/Red Eye Productions