Renowned “Sexpert” Rev. Dr. Stuart Bloch Advocates
Better Sex In Relationships

His New Best Selling Book
“Conversations with the World’s Greatest Lover”

Outlines Path to More Satisfying Sexual
Relationships for Couples

“Sexpert” Rev. Dr. Stuart Bloch

Before there was Dr. Phil and, yes, even, Dr. Ruth, there was nationally renowned author, teacher, lecturer, inventor and “Sexpert” Rev. Dr. Stuart Bloch, DD, PhD, ChT, one of the nation’s leading authorities on sexual relationships. For over 30 years he has served as director of The Institute for Sexual Awareness, a research and educational trust he founded whose purpose is to educate people to have more pleasure and satisfaction in relationships.

Rev. Dr. Bloch has conducted hundreds of lectures and workshops at colleges, universities, temples and community centers for tens of thousands of men and women on how to achieve greater intimacy and more meaningful & satisfying sexual relationships for BOTH partners. His workshops have focused on such topics as “Love, Sex and Communication”, “Man, the Natural Lover”, “Sensuality in Relationships”, “What Do Men Really Want”, and his new book, ”Conversations with the World’s Greatest Lover” has just been released and is available in paperback at Conversations with the World's Greatest Lover or Kindle.

His key premise is based on the idea that although we live in a society that is intellectually free, we are unable to think for ourselves when it comes to sex and sexuality. Different media feed us negative messages that inhibit and diminish our roles as sexual beings.

Rev. Dr. Bloch believes that it is time for us to honor, respect and communicate our sexuality in appropriate ways that give us the opportunity to love, cherish, to honor and to pleasure our partners. On the need to please our partners, he often quotes Katherine Hepburn who once said, “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only what you are expecting to give.”

Rev. Dr. Bloch is an extraordinarily articulate speaker who is able to discuss the most intimate sexual activities in an inoffensive manner that educates not titillates. He has appeared on scores of radio and TV shows including Maury Povich, Jane Whitney, AM Philadelphia and OPRAH.

He has conducted his “Evening with the World’s Greatest Lover” at such diverse venues as Princeton University, Rutgers University, Junior League of Montclair, St James Episcopal Church .and The Jewish Community Center of Scotch Plains. He is also the designer of the Kegelcisor an ingenious FDA approved patented design, which works with a woman's body to help regain a more youthful, healthy pelvic region and bladder control in just 8 to 10 minutes every other day in 90 days.

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Photo By: Corey Brent