Michael Douglas

MICHAEL DOUGLAS – Yesterday the actor revealed that his cancerous tumor has disappeared. Some terrific news indeed for fans of this wonderful actor; whose terrific career has literally spanned decades. I well remember Douglas on the wonderful TV show The Streets of San Francisco (1972-1976) with the late-great Karl Malden. What’s more, he’s had great screen resurgence of late, both in Brian Koppelman’s terrific movie Solitary Man and reprising his role of Gordon Gekko in director Oliver Stone’s Money Never Sleeps/Wall Street 2. He was so well received in the role, that there are whispers that he might nab an Academy Award nomination when they are announced on Jan. 25. 23 years later; he could become the first actor to win two Oscars for playing the same character. Not to give any spoilers away; but, near the end of the film when the actor returns in full-Gekko mode, you can practically see the flames rise from within him. He is that good. On the two interviews I saw with him, he still looks painfully thin and still somewhat overwhelmed from the whole ordeal, but his humor and focus remains fully intact. He’s a national treasure for sure. He'll return to the public arena at this weekend’s Golden Globes presentation; and, expect a hearty welcome for sure. They love him in Hollywood where he’s served as not only a standout actor for his whole career, but as a producer (The China Syndrome).


Charlie Sheen

CHARLIE SHEEEN - It looks as those reports last month that Charlie Sheen was in a dire-health situation were true. The actor who spent the last weekend in Las Vegas with three adult-film stars; embarking on what one columnist termed an epic bender, appears to be in a do-and-die situation with his studio over his TV series. Apparently, he’s dropped 25 pounds as a result of his latest addictions and his appearance so rattled the powers-that-be at Warner Brothers and CBS-TV, CBS honcho Les Moonves has taken over personal responsibility in resolving this latest debacle. Hard to believe that the situation has gotten to this point; but, Sheen has been a cash cow for everyone involved in his show Two and a Half Men. Me … I always liked him and hate to hear of something like this, but, Hollywood-is an enabler for anyone like this. Ending the show will literally put hundreds out of work, so the solution was always to keep him working. I guess the end-result will have to be ... getting Sheen some help quickly.


Judi Dench

BOND BACK – After much back-room negotiating, MGM has announced that the 23rd James Bond movie is on track and will be directed by Sam Mendes; with the terrific Daniel Craig returning in the title role; and, will be released on November 9, 2012. MGM has long been in flux as a studio and their one ace in the hole as always the Bond series. I just watched 2006’s Casino Royale (directed by Martin Campbell) and can report again that it was one of the best Bonds-ever; Craig was superb as the super-sleuth and brought a much needed solace back to the character. Judi Dench was just drop-dead phenomenal as M. Sure, it had some questionable elements in it … but, that’s the theme of the series … and, the action did not stop throughout. Mendes is a superb director and I predict this will be a perfect film in every way. I am already looking forward to it.


Bob And Harvey Weinstein

HOW HARVEY GOT HIS GROOVE BACK – I’ll never forget many years ago walking West on 58th street and looked up to see then-Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein and his entourage exiting the Disney-building. They proceeded to stop at the corner and Harvey appeared to systematically rebuke each member of his entourage … one-by-one. Now, I wasn't that close to hear and more than likely read the situation wrong, but back then, he was the movie man. His studio, which he operated with his brother Bob, released hit-after-hit, including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill. Then, it all seemed to come crashing down on Harvey. There were the persistent whispers about karma and all that; but, I fear the real story was, that’s show business. Once you hit the top; there's only one way to go. Now, he has-fully regrouped and rebounded with his TWC company (The Weinstein Company) and is having his best run since those hallowed Miramax days; currently The King’s Speech (7 Golden Globe nominations) and the just released Blue Valentine (2 Golden Globes nominations) are seemingly on every critic’s top year-end list. A former concert promoter, Harvey is one of the last greats … no question. I'll never forget at a screening of one of his movies (he always starts his screenings with a dandy little speech) he introduced one of his guests by saying “when I was a kid, I always wanted to be him” and, introduced Monkee-Micky Dolenz. He’s one of those individuals that you don't want to screw with; but, when all is said and done … you want him as your #1. Welcome back Mr. Weinstein.


Bill Muray

GHOSTBUSTERS III – Director Ivan Reitman was quoted recently as saying, the mercurial Bill Murray “has a script of the film … that he doesn’t hate!” He and the studio will not make the film without him, which gives the actor an extraordinary amount of leverage. Said an insider, “The studio won’t even think about moving forward on a $150 million dollar film unless Bill’s deal is in place.” 21 years since the last Ghostbusters, which wasn’t nearly as good as the 1984 original … who knows?

Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna