Cindy Adams

CINDY FOREVER – Let me set the scene: Yesterday at 7AM on the set of Fox’s Good Day New York – with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. I was there as a guest of Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno who wrote the book Plan To Party (Yorkshire Publishing) which explains in terrific and specific detail how to plan a party and execute it perfectly; whether it’s their Chocolate Soiree or their section on Fancy Nibbles there’s something there for everyone. While I watched the ladies and their PR-man David Salidor dress the table that would showcase just some of their fanciful designs for the show, who walks in but, the one and only Cindy Adams … and, with her two delicious ‘yorkies’ Jazzy and Juicy. Now, I've known Cindy for what seems like eons (beginning back in the days of the original production of The Fantasticks; as her late-husband Joey was one of the original investors and supporters of the play) and earlier this year she had a serious health scare which seriously threatened her return to her column at the New York Post. Well, let me be the first to report from the scene: Cindy is officially back in full form. As she walked in and graciously greeted everyone, the Plan To Party ladies were ushered over to her by their mouth-piece Salidor and they quickly began a conversation about the book as the two doggies played on the floor and greeted almost everyone in the room; which besides the aforementioned, also included radio-legend Dennis Elsas (there for the 30th Anniversary of the John Lennon-assassination); producer Alan Weiss, who was the first journalist to report on the slaying (he happened by chance to be at Roosevelt Hospital, where the singer was first brought to after the shooting); and, the group Old 97’s, in the area for a series of shows. Adams was simply in full control; greeting and talking to everyone while making mental notes for her column and prepping her appearance on the show, then in walked Scott and Kelly. Talk about a media-moment! We just lost one New York-legend (Elaine Kaufman) …it would have been hell to have lost another!


Yoko Ono

LENNON MEMORIES – Yesterday’s 30th Anniversary of the John Lennon assassination was unbelievably hard to go through. I listened to many tributes, including a terrific one from Q104’s Ken Dashow, who not only played some classic Scott Muni-moments, but also played the terrific Lennon performance with Elton John at Madison Garden in 1974. The two had recorded the song “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” and John said at the conclusion of that session, that it was surely a #1 record. Lennon supposedly said “If it gets to #1 I'll perform it with you at The Garden.” It did and people who were there told me that when he walked onstage, the room literally rocked. They performed that song, as well as “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds,” and, one that Lennon never sang (Paul did) “I Saw her Standing There.” The crowd went ballistic. The late-photographer Chuck Pulin captured the images ... terrific and poignant images for sure. It would be his last live performance, but one that lives on even today. The one comment that struck me the most was from last night’s Brian Williams on NBC. “If you are under 30, John Lennon never existed in your life.” Chilling yes, but totally accurate. They don't make ‘em like that anymore; that’s for sure. His music lives on and perhaps that’s the best testament to any artist … dead or alive.


Eric Clapton

STEVE WINWOOD REVOLUTIONS – Speaking of music; has there even been a more overlooked or undervalued artist than Steve Winwood? Winwood was part of 4 crucial ensembles on the music scene; The Spencer Davis Group; Traffic; Blind Faith; and his own terrific, solo career. His song “Higher Love” with none other than Chaka Khan on background vocals was just superb; he not introduced one great song, but re-introduced himself to American music audiences with much success. His additional solo hits, “Back In The High Life,” “Roll With It,” and last year’s “Dirty City” all sounded so good. Last year he hooked up again with guitarist Eric Clapton (who was also in Blind Faith) and made two rather extensive tours with him. That song “Dirty City” features Clapton on guitar, and if they don't both sound like they were in Blind Faith again … I'll eat my hat! I also enjoyed listening to those great Traffic songs again, especially “The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys.” Those songs are terrifically introspective, atmospheric, and moody … but, just great. I don't know how any of them would fare today … but, remain exemplary examples of good, good music.


Aretha Franklin

ARETHA FRANKLIN – How sad to hear that the Queen of Soul is suffering from cancer back in her native Detroit. She’s had a long arduous career; but, every time I hear her voice I feel confident and renewed. That career and life has not been without its drama, but every time she has resurfaced. Our prayers are with her.

Photos By: RD/Dziekan/Derek Storm/Leon/Retna