The Girls Of Rick's

No one knows more about sex appeal than the Rick’s Cabaret Girls. Working at New York City’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club, the Rick’s Cabaret Girls know plenty about the animal magnetism associated with hot women. A few of the girls went to see the film “Burlesque” over the weekend, and here’s what they had to say: “Burlesque is such a fun, inspiring movie,” says 22-year old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Marlene. “Call me crazy, but I’m suddenly really crushing on Stanley Tucci. “

“My Grandma was in town for Thanksgiving and she took me to see it. She’s a huge Cher fan, and I love Christina Aquilera… and no one took off any clothes…so it was actually the perfect holiday family movie! “ declares 21 year-old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Josie.

“Honestly, I was hoping it would be a lot sexier,” laments 24 year-old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Lizette. “I expected to pick up a few tips, but, unfortunately, I should have been hired as a consultant instead!”

Rick’s Cabaret Girls are offering their advice and services to any Hollywood producers, directors or actresses who may be in discussions regarding a sequel or other projects about this subject. “We want them to get it right,” they said. Rick’s Cabaret is located at 50 West 33rd Street, New York City.