Co-creator Rich Kwiat

We know that we have many readers who work in the film and television industry, and we're sure they'll benefit from this incredible new Smartphone app and website. doddle is a free, completely digital guide to film production. It was first created and unveiled as an iPhone app to enormously positive reception and it has now expanded to accommodate BlackBerry and Android users. It's also available as a website at www.doddleme.com.

doddle was created by filmmakers for filmmakers and provides users with the most current, continuously updated database of individuals and businesses that help service the film and television industry. By allowing anyone to create listings and to search for vendors, crew, talent, locations, film offices and other filmmaking resources anywhere in the world, doddle is poised to revolutionize the production industry using mobile technology. doddle – slang for “an easy task” – benefits anyone who works in the entertainment industry by allowing users to search for filmmaking resources anywhere in the world. Some have called it the “Bible” for anyone planning a film or television project.

doddle is the brainchild of Jim Robertson, a filmmaker, and Richard Kwiat, a software engineer, who saw the need for the world's most up-to-date, user-generated guide of resources related to film production - not only in Los Angeles and New York City but across the country and all over the world.

In addition, doddle pro allows users to create and share digital call sheets and eliminates the need to print bulky, antiquated production guides. doddle's creators envision a world in which every task related to film production can be performed on one’s mobile device, saving time and resources. “With doddle, we’ve created a product that brings us one step closer to completely paperless production,” says Robertson.