Queens Family Win $75,000 Renovation

Melanie Mejia With Gloria Moncayo, Kailer Tova Mejia
And Wilfred Moncayo

Gloria and Wilfred Moncayo of Fresh Meadows, Queens were the big winners of Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows' home makeover giveaway, which thousands of Tri-State families entered to transform their residences into glass houses. The Moncayos will receive a $75,000 renovation package, which includes building a fully-finished, state-of-the-art sunroom and installing several windows to their home.

Gloria and Wilfred immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in 1966 and 1968, respectively. The Moncayos have lived in their Fresh Meadows, Queens home since 1976 and raised their two children there. After winning the makeover, they revealed that for years, their dream has been to install a sunroom in their home. Newly retired, the Moncayos plan to use their new glass addition as a multi-use family room for all three generations of their family to enjoy. The couple had not renovated their home in over 20 years, which made this makeover an emotional event for the family.

The winners of the giveaway was announced at a huge party Four Seasons hosted for the 150 families who were semi-finalists in the competition. Also in attendance were Town of Islip Council Members Gene Parrington and Trish Bergin Weichbrodt and several of the company's top executives, including CEO Shaun Kennedy. The Moncayos were joined by their daughter, Melanie along with their grandson, Kailer Tova.

Photo By: Paul Prince Photography