Dr. Lloyd Landsman

Are you planning to undergo some nipping and tucking in 2011? Make sure you chose a competent surgeon and, most importantly, that you're communicating effectively. In response to the potential for doctor-patient miscommunication, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, a Long Island-based cosmetic surgeon, has created a simple but extraordinarily effective method of ensuring that both he and a patient seeking breast augmentation are on the same page.

The problem that most often arises, he says, is that for two people, cup sizes can mean different things to different people. And while some surgeons use graphics to render 3D images of a patients projected "after," these images aren't visceral.

Dr. Landsman's solution: filling nylon bags with rice (measured accordingly to the size implant a patient will need). After the patient puts these bags in her bra, they conform to the contours of her natural breasts and provide an extremely accurate approximation of how she will look post-opp.

Since employing this technique, 100% of his patients have been completely satisfied with their results, and the margin of doctor-patient miscommunication has been close to 0%. Although he says other surgeons use similar practices, no other cosmetic surgeon in the region does.