The O'Hurley Georgi Vodka Turkey

Paul Hurley With Martin Silver

New York City restaurateur Paul Hurley and vodka mogul Martin Silver, CEO of Star Industries, held a press conference today, to unveil a prototype of the nation’s only 100-proof turkey. The turkey, a modern spin on a traditional Irish recipe, takes three days to prepare and is infused with five different flavors of vodka: peach, cherry, orange, lemon and apple. The gravy contains 100-proof vodka. These vodka-soaked turkeys will be made available all over the Tri-State Area, and the recipe will be posted in liquor stores across the nation to boost Thanksgiving sales of spirits. The press conference was held at one of Mr. Hurley's five New York City restaurants, PD O'Hurley's West End.

Last year, the 100-proof turkey was prepared at O'Casey's by Bryant Park on a trial basis and sold out. This year, the bird will be served at over 100 pubs and taverns in New York City.

Thanksgiving Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year for bars, with people getting a jump on celebrating the upcoming four-day weekend. In order to promote safety and well-being while having fun, Mr. Hurley is offering a free cab ride to anyone who orders the turkey.

In addition, we've just received word that Martin Silver is so outraged by the fraudulent Tea Party votes that pushed Bristol Palin into the "Dancing with the Stars" finale that he is urging bars that carry Georgi vodka to offer a free shot to any patron who supports one of Palin's opponents, Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey. "The American way is for everyone to have an equal say," says Mr. Silver. "The Tea Party is doing just the opposite by stuffing the digital ballot box.”

Photos By: James Edstrom