Stephanie Casaubon

Actress Stephanie Casaubon - who was featured this week as one of IMDb's “Fresh Faces”- is someone to watch out for.

Just last month, Stephanie won Best Actress at the 2010 Atlantic City Cinefest for her work in the dramatic short “Rainbow Rabbit Reliant”. The film, which she produced with her production company LeosPlayground, was a festival favorite in Atlantic City taking home awards for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress as well as Best of Fest Audience Award. The film centers on the reunion of two estranged sisters, forced apart by their father's political aspirations. "Rainbow..." also won Best Ensemble Performance at the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival.

Stephanie wears many hats in the entertainment industry: actress, producer and also consultant... launching Film & TV Rx this year which provides medical consulting for film and television projects. Her consultant credibility comes from the medical degree she earned (in addition to a bachelor of arts) as well as the many weekends spent working in a busy ER in order to have her weekdays free to audition.

Stephanie via Film & TV Rx most recently worked with writer/directer Robbie Bryan (“iMurders”) on “Choose”- a dramatic short film about a pregnant woman diagnosed with cancer. As the medical technical advisor she collaborated with Robbie on dialogue development and authentication, supplied on-set guidance of medical logistics and also voiced the hospital operator added in post production. Stephanie's very proud of the project which has a philanthropic keystone...over $3000 was raised for the Susan G Komen foundation at the cast and crew screening November 11.

When asked what's next, Stephanie the actor laughs and says "you never know, but I'm always auditioning". Stephanie the producer/consultant proudly says "a psychological thriller penned by my husband actor/writer/LeosPlayground co-founder Josh Casaubon" (HBO's “Too Big to Fail”, “The Good Shepherd”, “Damages”, “30 Rock”, “L&O: SVU”, “One Life to Live”).

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