Rachael Robbins

There’s a new actress on the scene RACHAEL ROBBINS, She just shot “Goat” with Armand Assante, Cathy Moriarty, Ice T, and Ja Rule. First up though is the film “The Great Fight” with acting-icon Robert Loggia and Tonye Patano from Showtime’s“Weeds.” Robbins broke into the business by running into Lloyd (TromoWorld) Kaufman (“I was the company’s screen-queen for a time, my debut was in their ‘Tromeo and Juliet’”) was also for a time a Playboy model (“I was the first model to ever have their own trading card. It was definitely a huge honor for me working for the magazine. They treat you like gold and make you feel every bit the star. There were only a certain number of cards produced; but, I was one of them and remember signing almost 800 of them.” Rachel describes working with Loggia as a dream come true, and would also like to be partnered with Will Farrel and Meryl Streep. And, she’s hosting tomorrow Bid For Kids event for The Family Center.