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(1) The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has opened up the window for hiring new recruits. There are new requirements for possible hires which I have some problems with. Besides losing out on age (one must be under 40,) the official form says, “Candidates must tpass a background investigation, medical examination, psychological test, drug screen, physical fitness test, and other pre-employment procedures as determined by the Chicago Police Department.” I would pass the drug screen, but forget about the others!

(2) I wrote in Chicago Stories (October 27) that I did not understand why the media was treating the Mayoral candidacy of Rahm Emanuel as the Second Coming of Christ. If I have to read one more column note on where he ate breakfast,lunch or dinner, I think I will barf! Isn’t there anything more important for columnists to write about than where that man eats?

(3) A Segway rider fell into Lake Michigan near the Field Museum on Saturday, but was able to get out of the water on his own. The Chicago Tribune reported, “Chicago police could not say how he ended up in the water, but said the Segway personal scooter eventually was recovered from the lake. The Chicago police Marine Unit responded to the incident about 4 p.m., but rescue efforts were unnecessary.” The picture here was on the Tribune web site and supplied by a reader. If you look to the right, you see the Segway in the water. Why are police Marine unit officers posing like that? Obviously the incident was treated like some kind of joke. I am offended that first responders posed like this.

(4) Shia Kapos wrote in her “Taking Names” column in Crain’s Chicago Business that a survey conducted by Merrill Lynch Wealth management showed, “Thirty-four percent of Chicagoans believe they are financially better off today than a year ago (compared with 41% nationally).” And, “Eighty-six percent of respondents in Chicago are confident that their personal financial situation will improve in the year ahead (78% nationally).” Wait, I thought we were in living in dire economic times? Illinois has a 10% unemployment rate and lay-offs are being announced daily. Investment interest rates are barely negligible? How is it possible that 86% of respondents think their financial situation will improve in the next year? The respondents who answered the phone for this survey must have been watching

Sesame Street at the time or just woken up from their naps.

Jesse Jackson

(5) I have a friend who calls me the “Jewish Jesse Jackson.” She does that because, just like the Reverend, I am quoted all the time in the news and I don’t have a job. Well that moniker cannot hold true any longer because Jackson himself became Triple J in his appearances at Temples in Chicago after packages containing explosives bound for different Jewish houses of worship in Chicago were intercepted overseas.

"We went by the temple just to share our concern (and) the sense of anxiety, driven by the fact there was a bomb headed this way," Jackson said.

I got trumped!

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