Martin Scorsese

HARRISON & SCORSESE --- Living in the Material World, a documentary about George Harrison directed by Martin Scorsese, will hit theaters sometime next year. “It’s difficult to describe everything that’s in it,” Harrison’s widow Olivia says, “It’s like a life, really. George kept everything, from cassettes thrown in drawers back from 1966 to lyrics and songs that were started in various formats.” The film, which will contain previously unseen video footage and unreleased tracks from all eras of the ex-Beatle’s career, will also mine material Harrison shot himself, as part of a documentary he planned to make. Says Olivia, “He was behind the camera for so much of the time; he wanted to show what he felt, what he saw, how he felt about things, he actually said ‘this is the only documentary about somebody and they’re not in it’.” Scorsese and Harrison met a few times – first as the director filming The Last Waltz with The Band. “They respected one another, and that’s really important, “continued Olivia. “I feel like I’m under a great umbrella.”


Justin Bieber

AMAs -- Our colleague Roger Friedman perhaps summed up this show the best in his column with the phrase: “Yes, I do feel like an old curmudgeon now.” The only remotely rock-oriented acts were Bon Jovi, which literally brought the crowd to their feet; and, Carlos Santana dueting with Gavin Rossdale on T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong.” I remember the song quite well, but I had to smile when they performed it, as most the kids in the audience were probably born years after its release (in January, 1972 it became a Top Ten record is the U.S.). I felt the show moved fairly well, although most of the music (from Rhianna to Justin Bieber) is pretty light. It almost all sounds the same and you just know that in a year from now …. the performers will hardly be a footnote. When Bieber performed, he was sitting at a piano … but, the camera never showed him actually playing … when he jumped up at one point and grabbed a microphone; the piano kept on playing. Really? Kind of cheesy, even for the young lad! I must confess I loved Usher and his current hit DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again” … actually, he’s the one performer/artist who definitely shows signs of being here in five years and beyond. Also, Pink was a delight. Interesting show … I enjoyed more than I had thought! Guess I’m a curmudgeon to!

BRUNO MARS – When this year in music is written, one name that certainly deserves top-billing is the artist/writer/producer wunderkind Bruno Mars. Mars aka Peter Gene Hernandez, began as a successful producer for Flo Rida; Kesha; and Cee Lo Green, among others, but, in October of this year he released his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, featuring this first hit “Just The Way You Are” and the just-released single “Grenade,” which to this seasoned-grizzled listener, isone of the best songs I’ve heard in the last five years. Part-Prince and part-August Darnell, his talents span both the new school and old school technique. I caught him this morning on The Today Show and David Letterman a week back with Cher, and he was obsessively good. Mark my words: Mars will be one of the most important musical artists in the next five years.

ENDNOTES: 40 years ago yesterday… where were you? JFK was assassinated and the country and the world was brought to a new level of reality and caution. Flash forward to 2001, 9/11 served to re-awaken the masses and again, we were brought to a new level of seriousness. This weekend I was bombarded by Joe Pistole, the head of the TSA. He kept saying they wouldn’t change a thing. Monday morning, they’re changing. Expect a quick exit for this gentleman. Maybe head of FEMA will be his next move!

Photos By: RD/Kabik/Orchon/Dziekan/Retna