John Tsunis And Kimberly Taff At The Art Gallery

Following in the footsteps of the Bellagio's Steve Wynn, John Tsunis has opened an art gallery at the Holiday Inn Express. Mr. Tsunis, the owner of the Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook - the first Holiday Inn Express in the world - was inspired by other prominent, innovative hoteliers who constantly think outside the box and create not only hotels but community centers for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Mr Tsunis plans to keep the art gallery open indefinitely in the lobby of his hotel and to only feature the work of artists from the region. The gallery's mission is to provide exposure to local artists, whose work can be viewed and purchased by the tens of thousands of guests who visit the hotel annually.The gallery's current exhibit features two dozen pieces by artists Barbara Bilotta and James Jahrsdoerfer. The recent Grand Opening was an enormous success, attended by nearly 500 elected officials, businesspeople and community leaders. A portion of the proceeds of art sales at the event, including Bilotta's Tender Harmony, benefited the Stony Brook Children's Hospital.