Pissed Off James Edstrom

We are just getting so pissed these days at stores that advertise and just do not deliver their promises. We get a E-Mail from K-Mart on all their wonderful sales. The E-Mail says Friday and Saturday. So I go to their website and the home page says the same thing. Two day sale, Friday and Saturday Only. So I scroll down and see some good items I want at some good prices. First thing I choose is the PSP hand held game thing for my kid. I click to buy and it says sold out. So I continue shopping and everything I want is sold out. I am sitting here, wasting my time for a sale that really does not exist. If they do not have it, it should not be listed on their website as a sale item. This is plain and simple false advertising.

So as I am ready to quit and go to Wal-Mart instead, as they never let me down, I see a cookware set on sale for $19.99. I quickly click to buy, and lo and behold it is also out of stock. The website suggests another item at the same price. I click and I am amazed they have it. So I continue shopping and item after item is sold out. I finally decide to quit and just get my cookware set at $19.99 and go shop elsewhere. I go to my shopping cart and the thing has the sale price but is ringing up at full price. This made no sense. Below is what the shopping cart showed me. Does it make sense?


Basic Essentials 16 Piece Non-Stick Steel Cookware Set Sold by Kmart Kmart item # 011W433233880001 Mfr.model # 43323388 Update Remove Reg Price: $49.99 Savings: $30.00 $19.99 Item Total $ 49.99

I call K-Mart. The lady was very nice, but she said the website was still changing sale prices from yesterday. I explained to her this was a sale for Friday and Saturday and nothing should be changed till midnight tonight. I also explained to her to look for herself and see the sale price was in the shopping cart, but was not ringing up as a sale item. She did and saw the same thing, but said she was very sorry, but there was nothing she could do.

K-Mart is just trying to trap the shopper and really does not want to give you a good deal on anything. Real customer service is something that they need to learn. They should have done something. I remember a year ago, I was shopping in the middle of the night at Kohls. It was something like spend $50 bucks and get a $10 buck coupon on future purchases. As soon as I was done shopping, the E-Mail arrived with my coupon, but it said in stores only. I was kinda pissed, as we do not have a Kohls here in Manhattan, and there was no way I was going to travel out of Times Square looking for a Kohls to redeem my coupons. At around 2 in the morning I E-Mailed Kohls about my dis-satisfaction that I could not use my coupons online. I was in shock when a half a hour later I get a E-Mail from them saying how sorry they were and that when I shopped online next time, to just E-Mail them and they would take all the coupons off the charge. Now this is customer service. Kohls understands this, K-Mark does not. This is why I shop Kohls all the time and this is why I will no longer shop K-Mart or Sears which owns K-Mart. I just went to my locked up credit cards, took out my Sears-K-Mart card and cut it in half. Will never shop with them again. My frying pan order just got them FRIED!

Next week we are taking on WalGreens, we are just waiting for a reply from their cooperate offices. They need to learn too!

Editors update: We just checked K-Marts site and the PSP we wanted yesterday in the afternoon at the sale price, is now available at full price today. What a crock of crap this company is!