Frank Krueger Cradles His Dying Wife Played By Alexis Scott

Award Winning Filmmaker, Marc Clebanoff and New Jersey native star Frank Krueger recently premiered their new online series The Darkness Descending, which shines a light on the homeless population living in the darkness beneath New York City. Clebanoff and Krueger first garnered global notoriety when their five time award winning independent film Break was released last summer. The film, a comic book come to life crime drama, starred Krueger opposite an all star cast including Michael Madsen, Sarah Thompson, James Russo and Academy Award nominated actor Charles Durning. Break also featured Krueger opposite the late great David Carradine, in what turned out to be one of the icon’s final and most memorable performances.

Clebanoff and Krueger’s new online series is turning a lot of heads and steadily garnering a fanbase captivated by the underground world in the tunnels and caves beneath NYC. The series was written by and stars Krueger and is directed by Clebanoff. The pilot season of The Darkness Descending can be seen at

Break is currently available in Blockbuster stores everywhere, Netflix, Amazon, On Demand or by visiting the official site at