Sal The Stockbroker

The three nights of fun, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (October 14th - 16th) will feature over 150 beautiful Rick's Cabaret Girls. The anniversary party will spread over all three floors of the newly refurbished club and the rooftop smoking lounge, with complimentary admission before 11pm and drink specials served all night. Guests will be eligible to win valuable prizes that will be raffled off every hour, including tickets to pro sports events and a free trip to Las Vegas that will include air fare, hotel, and an evening at Rick's Cabaret Vegas. The club will also debut their new VIP luxury "sky box," on the third floor. Howard Stern fans can meet "Ronnie the Limo Driver" and "Sal the Stockbroker," who will be two of the recognizable faces on the long list of celebrities who are expected to attend. "I love Rick's Cabaret, they have the hottest girls," said Ronnie the Limo Driver. "There will be lots of football and hockey guys here," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Maya. "They love Rick's Cabaret." "I like to dance for the athletes, but I also love the Wall Street guys," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Olivia. Rick's Cabaret was named by Playboy "top strip club" in New York earlier this year. Rick's Cabaret is located at 50 West 33 Street in New York City.