Steppin Out Magazine Columnist Contacted By
The NFL Regarding Brett Favre Sex Scandal

Allison Torres

Allison Torres (aka Rocky Allison) who pens a disgruntled bartender column for New Jersey based Steppin Out magazine was contacted yesterday by NFL investigators regarding her recent interview with Steppin Out editor Chaunce Hayden. In the interview Torres, who has posed for Playboy online, admitted she was with Jenn Sterger when Brett Favre text naked photos of himself as well as other details about the case. According to Torres, NFL reps knocked on her parents home looking for their daughter. They later called Torres at her New York apartment seeking an interview. However, Torress has repeatedly turned down the NFL's request for an interview. "Let Jenn answer these questions. It's her problem, not mine," says Torres. During her interview with Steppin' Out, Torres said of the Favre sex scandal: "He would say, “Come on over to the hotel. Let’s hang out” Things like that. At the time his family was living somewhere in Morristown, New Jersey, but he would stay at a hotel near Giants stadium. I did think that was kind of weird. He would say to her, “Come over!” She would keep saying to me, “I don’t know what to do?” I just know that they kept texting each other back and fourth and that he wanted to hook up. I wouldn’t doubt she was enjoying the attention from him."

Chaunce Hayden: Here’s the million-dollar question, did Brett really send Jenn a naked photo?

"Yeah, he did. I actually saw it when he sent it. I was with Jenn at the time. We just laughed when he did it. We talked about it like girlfriends talk about that kind of stuff. You have to understand that Brett Favre isn’t the first celebrity that tried to hook up with her. She actually dated Scott Kazmire from Tampa Bay Devil Rays. All the athletes wanted to date her. She’s a hot girl who does sports interviews. So of course she gets a lot of attention.
She could make millions if she ever cashed in on all the naked photos she gets from athletes. But she’s not like that. I mean, what was she going to do, run through the streets and tell everybody? We’ve both seen a lot of penis pics from celebrities. I’ve gotten so many pictures of celebrities sending me their penis that all my girlfriends tell me I could be a millionaire. I’ve gotten a lot of those kinds of photos from pro athletes and musicians."