Penny Arcade

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Thursday, Sep 16 8 PM - 10 PM $15.00

Theatre 80 St. Marks, 80 St. Marks Place

Legend, icon, wild-hearted demoness bad-girl bitch. It is impossible to describe the juggernaut that is Penny Arcade without entering the world of hyperbole that she not only inhabits but also personifies. Since first climbing out of her bedroom window at age 13 to join the fabulously disenfranchised world of queers, junkies, whores, stars, stalkers and geniuses she has become one of the most influential performers in the world. By fearlessly displaying her singular brand of feminist sexuality and personal conflict she has garnered countless fans worldwide with an emotionally and intellectually charged performance style. Internationally revered as writer, director and actress, she has become the very bedrock that many of the biggest names in the entertainment industry have built their careers upon. Her theatrical credits include: BITCH! DYKE! FAGHAG! WHORE!, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, BAD REPUTATION, and NEW YORK VALUES. Since 1999 Penny has spearheaded the award winning documentary series STEMMING THE TIDE OF CULTURAL AMNESIA, THE LOWER EASTSIDE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT, an oral history and downtown performance project sponsored in part by Manhattan Neighborhood Network... Penny Arcade explores and explains the roots of what led her to create solo performance art in the 1980-s when the term Performance Artist denoted the new and renegade and the East Village was the hotbed of visionary creative explorations that had an international impact for two decades... Tonight, Penny will perform some of the landmark performances pieces that gave her a reputation for the highest standards in content and entertainment, including the notorious Dame Margot Howard Howard, Warhol Superstar Andrea Whips, Soho's Aunt Lucy, The Junkie Whore 'Girl', The Massage Parlour Hassid, Charlotte the Harlot... with a first-time-ever narration of the stories behind those performances. Experience Penny Arcade redefine the performance memoir as only Penny Arcade would or could! The evening's door proceeds to benefit The Actors Fund for HOWL! HELP.
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Photo By: Derek Storm/Retna