Tony Curtis

Hollywood legend Tony Curtis is dead at 85. The star suffered a cardiac arrest he had last night. Curtis starred in "The Sweet Smell of Success," "The Defiant Ones," "Spartacus," and "Some Like it Hot" with movie icon Marilyn Monroe. His wife at his side.

Editors Note: Having met Tony a few times over the years, this guy was a gem. He was always polite and always laughing. The last time I saw him was years ago at the now closed Tunnel Nightclub in New York City. The guy was full of jokes and did everything to make sure I got the pictures I needed. We don't have stars like Tony Curtis anymore. The guy was not only talented, he had class. He knew it was a two way street with the stars and the media. He went out of his way to talk to everyone and to pose for the photographers. What I really liked about Tony, was his sense of humor. He would joke and laugh and just really enjoyed hanging out and chatting with people. I remember standing in the middle of the club, thinking to myself, here I was with the star that I grew up watching in the movies. Here I was talking to him and laughing with him. It was a moment I will never forget. The world has lost another legend, another real star. Rest in peace Tony!

Photo By: RD/Kirkland/Retna


Anonymous said…
Long before I really knew about Hollywood and the people involved in making or breaking someone, I fell in love with handsome, talented, funny Tony Curtis. My
life was complete with Tony Curtis, Tim Conway, Mary Tyler Moore, Sally Fieldsand Patty Duke. What more could I want?

I recall Tony Curtis endorsing the stop smoking ads of the '60s.
If you promised to try to quit smoking, you could send away for an "IQ" button;"I QUIT."
Well, I understand Tony DID quit smoking cigarettes. He became a spokesman forstopping smoking tobacco.

And there was the rub...
Tony was "black listed" in Hollywood in the '60s when he got busted for smoking.... marijuana.

Here we are more than 40 years later and still debating the same ol same olissues:marijuana and abortion and gay rights... race and religion and war...History may repeat its self but I sure wish it would take a time out.

Tony Curtis.
God bless the man for sharing his talents with us.

God bless Jamie Lee as she sorts through her memories...
James Edstrom said…
Now thats a comment! Thanks my love....

James Edstrom