Vinny Parco

After a wild birthday party I had to take a rest and go on vacation. I am back with more P.I. Gossip from around the nation.


Many private investigators have been resorting to electronic gadgets to catch cheating spouses and with 50% of marriages ending in divorce business is booming. Many couples are turning to keystroke loggers, software that records the keystrokes someone makes on a computer, and storing it at a secret location on another computer. Many cheaters use their computer to have "cyber sex" or just make remarks about the great sex they had the day before. Some of this can be used as evidence ,but, there is nothing like good old fashioned video tape of the assignation. Many private eyes, yours truly included , have installed hidden video cameras in the marital household and caught cheaters having sex in their own bedrooms. This is good evidence and most of these cases are settled before they get to court.


GPS tracking devices are a staple of many private eyes. With technology getting more sophisticated these devices are getting smaller and harder to find when put into a car when following a suspected adulterer. Keep in mind there are various laws that have to be followed and sometimes a spouse purchases and installs these devices in a manner that is either illegal or not evidentiary. I have heard of many cases where the evidence was overwhelming but not able to used because of the way it was gathered. Especially taped telephone conversations where there was a third party communication without permission.


Facebook, my space and other social and dating sites have been great for the private eye business with more people putting their dirty business online. So many people have caught by their spouse on these dating sites and then hire private eyes to get more damaging evidence for a divorce case. A private eye called me and told a story of a man who suspected his wife of cheating on him because she was being very cold and detached (a telltale sign) and he went down to the den to get some book he left there and saw the screen that he inadvertently left open. She was on her hidden Facebook account reliving a wild afternoon she had with one of 4 lovers. He quickly hired an attorney and private investigator who followed her and caught her in her favorite motel.


There are many sites out there, just to mention one site called Ashley where married people can hook up with each other. Their motto is "Life is Short, Have an Affair". There is also a service where they set up an alibi so the wife or husband will think the cheater is at a convention or a business trip. They have phone numbers you can call that rings as if the person is at a hotel on business . These are all additional tools for the investigator.


A security expert was arrested in Seattle for doing nothing but refusing to identify himself during a drunken golf game. He fought the charges and asked for the video and audio recordings of his arrest. He was turned down. The charges were dropped but he persisted demanding access to the recordings. The police lied and said the recordings were past the retention period and can no longer be obtained. Eric Rachner researched the video and audio recording system used by the department and discovered that permanent logs index every recording and show when it is uploaded, flagged for retention, played copied or deleted. Rachner filed a public records request and the police said it was a server error . Sounds like a "cop out to me".


Locally a certain investigative organization with member from law enforcement, private security and private investigators is in the midst of turmoil with allegations of misappropriation of funds, anti Semitism and character assignation. After a 16 month internal audit certain members took exception to an inference of impropriety that escalated in resignations of the treasurer and finger pointing. A few members were suspended and there is talk of a law suit for defamation of character. Boy, there are a lot of characters in this mess. I will keep you posted as I get drips and drabs of the real story. It is a shame because at one time this was a great group to be a member of because of the camaraderie and contacts.

Till next week. Remember Vincent Parco is watching you.