Kathy Posner

With temperature humidity indexes hovering past 100 degrees, nearly 100,000 students and teachers whose schools were already in session because of the Track E program are sweltering. CPS officials said the hot weather caught them by surprise. What? Last time I checked it was always hot in August! Chicago Public Schools’ administrators bought 1100 fans, but we know that just blows the hot air around. Schools could not install window air conditioning units because of Chicago building code rules. But CPS CEO Ron Huberman said, “CPS was working with the building department and the commissioner to work through that hurdle.” The only way to “work through that hurdle” would be to ignore the building code. Try doing that in your own home and an inspector will be by to fine you quicker than the revenue department can call for them. It was discussed calling the hot days, “snow days,” and shut the schools, but CPS Huberman did not want to “waste” a snow day on a hot day! Better to swelter than freeze. Solution? CPS bought bottled water for the students and teachers. What? Bottled water? Isn’t that environmentally unfriendly? Isn’t it expensive? Don’t schools have drinking fountains and paper cups for the students to use to quench their thirst? It is also kind of ironic that according to analysis of industry data by the nonprofit consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, filtered tap water makes up an increasing share of bottled water -- rising from 32.7 percent in 2000 to 47.8 percent in 2009. "These are the numbers the bottled water industry doesn't want you to see," said Wenonah Hauter, the group's executive director. So CPS PAID for water that might have been the very same water that comes from in the tap! Why wouldn’t CPS officials, being aware of the budget deficit, have realized that Chicago tap water is basically FREE and bottled water costs money! How clean is Chicago’s tap water? On the front page of the city’s web site for the Chicago Department of Water Management there is a letter posted by Mayor Daley. It reads,” The purified tap water provided by the Chicago Department of Water Management meets or exceeds all state and Federal standards as regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Chicago water is second to none, and together we can work to keep it the most enviable resource in the world.” So when we read the stories about the hundreds of millions of dollars that Chicago Public Schools are in debt; just remember they are pouring money down the drain.

Editors Note: We wish we had Kathy Posner here in New York City to write about all out waste. These officials will never wake up. Imagine, Chicago school bigwigs had no idea it would be hot in August. Dumb Dumb Dumb!

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