Free Speech Under Fire, Group Urges Feds to Investigate Talk Radio for “Hate Speech”

George Soros

A George Soros-funded organization with close ties to the White House has urged the Federal Communications Commission to investigate talk radio and cable news for "hate speech.

The organization, calling itself Free Press, claims media companies are engaging in "hate speech" because a disproportionate number of radio and cable-news networks are owned by non-minorities.

Free Press was one of 33 organizations that drafted a 25 page petition asking the FCC to "initiate an inquiry into the extent and effects of hate speech in media and to explore non-regulatory means by which to mitigate its negative impacts."

"Hate speech thrives, as hate has developed as a profit-model for syndicated radio and cable-television programs masquerading as 'News,'" claims the petition.

Brian Woodward Note: In order to fully protect liberty, the ends can never be allowed to justify the means. It is not the government’s role to mandate morality. The first amendment was not created to protect neutral comments, it was created so that one be allowed to disagree with the mainstream or with any group they so chose. What happens when the government puts limits on these abilities is that government gain powers over the individual. When the government begins to be able to dictate what they deem appropriate this gives them the controlling position of shaping the narrative. When the state is allowed to control what can and cannot be said, criticism and opinion are easily crushed.

Geithner Ignores Business Owners, Defends White House Economic Policy

Timothy Geithner And Barack Obama

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on Thursday brushed aside complaints from business leaders that President recently passed financial overhaul and healthcare legislation are creating uncertainty and fear leading to the lack of job creation. Geithner argues that the administration has actually provided “a lot of clarity” for the private sector.“Businesses always want their taxes lower and always want to live with low regulation,” Geithner said. “There is nothing remarkable, or particularly interesting frankly, that we’re in the midst of another debate, which you hear in almost any administration, with people looking for ways to help affect the outcome on the basic path of regulation and taxes.” “Every business in America today is in a much better position than they were, not just 18 months ago, but than I think many of them expected to be at this point,” Geithner said at a breakfast with reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Judge Pushes Back against Fed’s Argument in Arizona Immigration Case

In court on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton called into question the federal government’s argument, which asserts that Arizona’s immigration law is unconstitutional because it is "preempted" by federal law because immigration enforcement is an exclusive federal prerogative.

Judge Bolton responded to Solicitor General Kneedler’s argument exclaiming, "How is there a preemption issue?" the judge asked. "I understand there may be other issues, but you're arguing preemption. Where is the preemption if everybody who is arrested for some crime has their immigration status checked?"

North Korea Threatens U.S. with Nuclear Deterrence Over Military Excercises

The North Korean Army

On Friday, North Korea threatened to respond with nuclear weapons to if the U.S. and South Korea conduct naval exercises over the weekend, saying it was ready for a "retaliatory sacred war".

The threat came from the National Defence Commission (NDC), chaired by leader Kim Jong-Il, as tensions grew over the sinking of a South Korean warship which Seoul and Washington blame on Pyongyang.

The North routinely threatens war in response to joint military exercises by the two long-time allies, calling them a rehearsal for war.

George Soros Photo By: RD/Eckstein/Retna