Barack Obama

Our readers have spoken on The Arizona Immigration law. When asked if they agreed with The Arizona Immigration law, 67% said they did, 30% said no and 2% said they were not sure. When our readers were once again asked do they think illegal immigration hurts our country, a whooping 76% said yes while 20% said no. A small 3% said they were not sure. This should be a clear message to President Obama that something needs to be done. Health care is a mess because the illegals swamp our hospital emergency rooms for free treatment. Most do not pay into our Social Security and Medicare systems. They are taking American jobs by the millions. Just last weekend as I cruised through Southampton, where all the celebrities spend their summers, I watched the illegals work in the restaurants and landscape the rich and famous lawns. These used to be good American jobs for our young high school and college kids. I cruised through the town and noticed a spot where they all gather to be picked up by contractors to build houses or to work a day on some rich and famous lawn. We at Times Square Gossip are not bashing the illegals. In our younger years we worked with them in the restaurants on Long Island New York. Most of them are hard working and wonderful people who are trying to make a better life for their families. Something has to be done. There has to be a way to control our boarders . The people of the boarder states suffer daily with illegals on their property. They suffer with the crime that comes along with a hungry population of illegals that need food and medical care. In almost every other state our American citizens can not find a job because they are taken by someone who should not be in this country. There is no one answer, but we could start by fining businesses who hire them 50 thousand dollars each time they are caught hiring them. They should also be charged with evading taxes, as these businesses do not pay taxes on the illegals they hire. If one of them get hurt or sick they end up in our emergency rooms and we pay for it.

I asked one friend who is one of the most respected Wall Street icons. This guy is a expert on the economy, in fact he has flown to several other countries to help them fix the markets. I told my expert, that I thought the health care system could be saved if we got rid of all the illegals using it. Since I have said this before to celebrities and Wall Street big wigs I hang out with, and had mixed responses, I was surprised at his take on the situation. He said I was right and that it would just about solve the money problems in the health care industry. He said insurance rates are through the roof because the medical industry has to make up for the loss somewhere. This means higher rates for us.

Most hospitals are on the edge of bankruptcy. This was made very clear to New Yorkers recently when one of our oldest hospitals Saint Vincents had to close it's doors because they were being slammed with illegals using their hospital and no one was paying the bill for it.

One recent visit to a Medicaid office to help a homeless kid to get health benefits, was a disaster for me. I sat there in the front row for 4 hours with this kid as we watched illegal aliens come in with kids they had in our country and get Medicaid for them. Meanwhile the kid I was with, was denied even know he was born here. His parents paid into the system, the kid needed medical care and he was a American. And since the illegal parents did not speak English, they had to be supplied with someone who spoke their language. Their kid got the coverage, mine didn't. I had to call some of my high powered friends to force them to give the kid coverage, but most Americans do not have the powerful friends I do, so what do they do when they are denied and the illegal aliens kids gets benefits right away? There is something wrong here. Something has to be done.

I think the only choice we have is this. We have to have a amnesty for the illegals that are already here. I know it is not fair to the good people who came to this country legally. But we can not round up a hundred million illegals. They say we have around 20 million, but this number is way off. I do believe it is more like one hundred million, they just will not tell us the truth. Give them amnesty and have them start paying into the system. This will also force business to pay them a fair wage and not use them like slaves, which is what these businesses are doing by paying them way below minimum wage. Businesses need to be held accountable for hiring illegals, plain and simple.

We must secure our boarders at any cost. If we must build the 'Great Wall Of America', than so be it. Besides illegals crossing our boarders looking for a honest days work, we also have terrorists coming across looking to hurt our country and to kill our citizens.

We also need to stop educating some of the top minds in the world from other countries, and when they are done, we tell them they have to leave. If they get educated here they should be put on the fast track to citizenship. It makes no sense to educate some of the best minds in the world and then tell them they have to go. We should welcome them with open arms, we need to welcome their talent. Besides, most of the time, we pay for their education, so why aren't we getting a bang for our buck?

When are the politicians going to wake up and use common sense?

Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna