Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33rd Street

Jonathon Page

We’ve seen a lot of DJs in over 25 years of covering nightclubs and events in New York City. Every DJ has his own personal style – some make you want to get up and dance and throw your cares away, others play light cocktail music in the background, so you can have a conversation. But Jonathon Page, the Audio/Visual Director and head DJ at Rick’s Cabaret NYC, is a complete enigma. You NEVER know what a night at Rick’s Cabaret will bring…but Jonathon is always prepared with the appropriate music for the crowd. Whether there are rock stars in the house who want to hear Aerosmith and Metallica or businessmen requesting dance hits from the 80s, or 100 dancers, each with a special request, Jonathon effortlessly keeps the beat going nightly, and everyone’s happy. A true expert in the field, Page has been spinning hits almost exclusively at gentlemen’s clubs for the past 13 years, leading to his landing the position in the chief spot at Rick’s Cabaret. “Rick’s Cabaret is the number one spot in the United States for DJs in this format. I’m at the top of the food chain right now,” he declares. He was a teenage wunderkind, starting at the age of 14 spinning at all of the major nightclubs on the Jersey Shore, but, as soon as he reached his 18th birthday, he headed straight for gentlemen’s clubs. On a recent night, Slash, best known as the guitar player from the rock band Guns ’n’ Roses, arrived at Rick’s Cabaret with friends and sat comfortably between two groups of businessmen in suits. Slash asked Jonathon if he had a copy of his latest CD, which had only been released a matter of days earlier, and Jonathon had it handy! Slash actually made a second, special trip to the DJ booth to thank Jonathon for playing the song. The businessmen were too mesmerized by the girls dancing to Slash’s beat to say anything! Rick’s Girl Karina, 22, loves to dance to Lady Gaga and The Back Eyed Peas. She says, “I just adore Jonathon. He plays all my favorite songs, and he also likes to surprise me!” "Music plays an important role," said Rick's Cabaret's spokesman Lonnie Hanover. "There's nothing more annoying than a bad or loud DJ. The mood is set by the DJ, and Jonathon hits all the right notes." Stop by Rick’s Cabaret and make a request! Beyond the obvious pleasures available at Rick’s, we have no doubt that Jonathon Page will make your dreams come true….