Ted Koppel

Television icon Ted Kopppel's son was found dead in New York. Andrew Koppel, son of the former Nightline host, passed away in the early hours yesterday. Paramedics were called to an apartment in Manhattan and pronounced the 40-year-old lawyer dead at the scene. Koppel is said to have died following an all-day alleged drinking binge which ended at the home of a waiter he had met at a bar in the city earlier on Sunday, although the exact cause of death is currently unknown. Belinda Caban who lives at the apartment where Koppel was found, tells the New York Post, "(He was) was just really messed up when he came in. He was very drunk. We took him to the bedroom and laid him down to rest. His complexion wasn’t right. It was pale. I said to call the police. When the ambulance came, they said he was dead."

Photo By: RD/Eckstein/Retna