Monday, June 07, 2010


Joan Rivers And Grant Cardone

Tune in to TV Land on Wednesday, June 9 at 10PM ET/PT for the finale of “How’d You Get So Rich?” as Joan Rivers saves the biggest and best millionaires for last. On this special "Big Spenders Edition" Joan Rivers meets five mega millionaires who reveal the excessive and outrageous ways they spend their fortunes! Jamie McDonnell, a high school dropout who was smart enough to invent a do-it-yourself home Mold Test Kit, now spends his millions on exotic cars and diamonds for his wife! Then Joan finds a Las Vegas "Zen Decorator" who shows off his $40 million collection of arts & antiques. Next it’s off to Hollywood where Joan meets a guy who spent his fortune on his house and has celebrity neighbors such as Keanu Reeves & Leonardo DiCaprio! Later in this episode, Joan jets to New York to visit “florist to the stars” Preston Bailey who grew up in Panama in a house with no hot water and an outdoor bathroom. He was the designer for Oprah Winfrey’s 50th birthday party and now drops $1 Million per year on his extreme vacations. And in the last stop, Joan meets Bruno & Kyara Mascolo who built the Bed Head beauty brand into an empire and sold it for $416 Million! How do they spend their fortune? Wait until you see their Ultimate Party even has a disco sauna!


lily_aldrin said...

Why did joan rivers ever stop doing late night? I wish she’d come back, or at least host snl


That was so so long ago.....