Wedding Of Rue McClanahan And Morrow Wilson

Rue McClanahan

Old friend Rue McClanahan, the Emmy-winning actress who brought the sexually liberated Southern belle Blanche Devereaux to life on the hit television show "The Golden Girls," has died of a stroke. She was 76 years old. This is a very sad day in American television history and a very sad for us here at Times Square Gossip. Rue was a old time actress with old time values. She came from the days when stars were really stars and knew how to act like one. I was very lucky to have shot her wedding to actor Morrow Wilson on Christmas day at the famed Waldorf Astoria. Jack Klugman was there and Honeymooner Joyce (Trixie) Randolph as well as many more stars to help her celebrate. The paparazzi were swarming everywhere, but somehow we managed to keep them away and I got the exclusive shots that went worldwide. She looked stunning and was all smiles even know she was fighting Breast Cancer. I was also very lucky to go on the honeymoon with Rue and Morrow, to capture the happiness of their very special moment. I remember that day. A huge snowstorm as we rode in the limo drinking champagne and laughing at so many things. It was a very long trip to some ultra exclusive place in Connecticut and Rue and Morrow had the best time despite Rue not feeling very well from chemo. We did many things over the years together. We hosted each others birthday parties at the top nightclubs in New York City, we did photo shoots in the Hampton's and we had wonderful dinners together. Rue was a working actress. I never knew where she got the energy, she always wanted to work. She wore me out with all her stamina. Rue was also very lucky to have Morrow Wilson and they adored each other. He watched over her and was always ready to support her in any project she was involved in. She used to tell me how she met him, in some show they were both involved with. She looked across the stage and saw Morrow and that was it. They were both hooked. They were the perfect couple. After so many marriages for Rue, she finally found her guy. Sadly, the past few years I lost contact with Rue, as I had so many problems in my life, that we just drifted apart. The last time I saw her was at some Broadway signing a couple of years ago. I meant to call her to say hello, but I just never got around to it. I walked by her home last week and was thinking about ringing her bell to say hello, but I was late for a meeting. Rue brought so much joy to my life and hopefully I brought some joy into hers. I will miss this talented actress so much, she made me laugh, she made us all laugh!

Photo By: Walter McBride/James Edstrom/Retna


Anonymous said…
Feeling my age in my bones, James.
Too many of the old fashioned, talented actors and actresses are leaving us. What talent is replacing them?? I look but do not see...
Anonymous said…
Why isn't he smiling in the wedding photo? makes me wonder.
Anonymous said…
LOVE Rue..SHe is MOURNED..not morned