Micky Dolenz

Gigatone Entertainment, a next-generation entertainment company based in Sacramento and Hollywood has announced plans to support the efforts of the Gulf Relief Foundation with a portion of the proceeds from the company’s myRecordFantasy events. The first event, scheduled for August 2-4th, 2010 in Sacramento is a three-day event with Monkees-Lead Singer Micky Dolenz. “The aftermath of the oil spill in the Gulf is so overwhelming in size and scope that we felt we should do everything within our powers to assist the cleanup effort” said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment. “Our focus is to take action by helping the Gulf region via myRecordFantasy events by providing much-needed support to the people and wildlife in the area.”The August 2-4th, 2010 myRecordFantasy event takes place in Sacramento at The Track Shack Studios and features the ever-popular lead singer of The Monkees Micky Dolenz. myRecordFantasy is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows the super fan the chance to get into the recording studio with their favorite artist in the making of their new album. In addition, fans get the chance to audition to perform on the album, receive Executive Producer credit on the album, and be treated to a number of adventures and special surprise guest appearances. The three-day event culminates with a special concert featuring Micky Dolenz and surprise guests performing hits by The Monkees and tracks from his forthcoming album, “King For A Day” featuring 15 classic songs written by legendary songwriter Carole King. “This project is near and dear to my heart” said Dolenz. “The chance to work with my fans in the studio on my new album while making a contribution to and have a positive impact on the terrible disaster in the Gulf region is a like a fantasy and dream come true for me. Having the opportunity to provide much needed assistance and make a difference in the Gulf region through the myRecordFantasy event shows our commitment to this importance cause.” In addition, a portion of the proceeds from Dolenz’s forthcoming album “King For A Day” will also go toward the Gulf Relief Foundation. The album, a 15-track a tribute to legendary songwriter Carol King will be released on August 31, 2010.