The Old Queen James Edstrom

As I sit here in Times Square, drinking a beer for the first time in weeks, I wonder and wonder. Do I expect too much from friends, people in the business and the celebrities I have helped for so many years? I just wonder. Am I expecting too much to ask that people that I do business with keep their word? Am I asking too much for certain movie stars and television stars and famous singers to show up at a event to support me, when I support them all the time? Am I asking too much for certain publicists who I recommend to so many clients to keep their word and not try to degrade me all the time? Am I asking too much for the publicists that I support with story after story to try and promote me once and a while? As I look out at Times Square I just wonder. Last week was the week from hell. One publicist whose clients I promote all the time, does not miss a beat to degrade me. I promised her ten stories a month on her clients as long as they were interesting stories. Well on one story alone, she slipped in ten stories on her clients and ten photos and I said nothing. It took me five hours to do. Then her office is sending me more stories, so I say nothing and continue to post her stories. Finally after the seventh (really 17 with the ten story wonder piece) , I make a comment to her staff that this is enough for this month. This publicist promptly sends me a e-mail list of the stories I have done, with no mention of the ten wonder story and several others and starts acting dumb as to our agreement on our stories. She e-mails me and I tell her how I feel, then I get a phone message saying stop acting like a old queen and call her Monday. Stop acting like a old queen. Interesting. You can't keep your word and agreement and I am a old queen. No one realizes what time it takes to make a story look good. Every photo has to be edited, keywords placed inside it so the search engines will find, and then we have to make sure all our sites that we are syndicated on have picked it up. But I get called a old queen. I try to explain to her in a e-mail about her actions and how I feel. Another message states that she will not read my long drama e-mails. Fine. I will no longer run your clients. End of story. I do not need your s**t, nor do I need to be degraded. I work hard, I bet I work harder than most websites. I am a one man show. For you to sneak ten stories and pretend it is one, then act like I cheated you, I will not tolerate. Last week must have been "GET RID OF PUBLICISTS WEEK". I do not need any of you, you need me. I make your clients famous, I promote your projects. I do not need your bread crumbs that you throw at me once and a while and act like you just gave me a million bucks. And I do not need any more of these publicists that say they want to write stories on all the celebrity happenings and then they only write about their clients, week after week. A plug now and then is OK, but these publicists insist only their clients are news. It would be nice if one of these restaurants invited me for dinner once and a while on them. It would be nice if these celebrity hotels would invite me to stay a few days in the summer, instead of the middle of winter when I am the only one there, and when I ask for three days, they say they can only give two. It would just be nice if everyone kept their word like I do. It would be nice. It must be too much to expect honesty, loyalty, and maybe told what a good job I am doing once in a while. I got rid of three publicists last week, any more takers? But then again, I am just a old bitchy queen!


Anonymous said…
Publicists are such scum! As an avid reader they should be grateful for what Times Square Gossip has to offer! Good riddance!
James Edstrom said…
Anonymous said…
James, I love your old queen Don't take any crap from no one. Your site is awesome.
Anonymous said…
You always take the high road, James. You have kept your bones about you when others have sold out for the quick line, the fast buck, the greedy dime.

Stay true to yourself my friend.