Steve Hamilton With Sam Underwood And Jennifer Van Dyck

I'm an Englishman, just trying to make my way in the US of A! Following the American Dream, Pounding 42nd Street to be in a show! These are the "Blog" words of rapidly rising star Sam Underwood who has proven himself in the role of Alan Strang in the Guild Hall production of "Equus", a play, currently playing until July 3 less than a 100 miles from Broadway in East Hampton. The 22 year-old gave a riveting performance as the troubled teen stable boy who has blinded six horses by plunging a spike into their eyes. It was an actual news story about a British youth who blinded 26 horses. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English actor, best known for playing Harry Potter in the feature film series, also played in "Equus" on Broadway in 2008. I saw Daniel's performance but felt that Sam was captivating. This drama which is 35 years old (it won The Tony in 1975 for Best Play) takes us all back to those feelings of coming of age. The teen reveals a fantasy love for horses and the misery in his life but also shares the passion and ecstasy that he gets from the horses. In the theater as you enter the sign warns you Herbal cigarette smoke and Nudity. Yes it is about sex. At nine the young boy has his first ride on the beach on the back of a kind man, a stranger & his horse who take young Alan galloping through the sand. At 12 he begins Self-Flagation while he stares at a picture of a white horse with bulging eyes, at 17 he takes a job as a stable boy and perky girl Jill shows him how to groom the horses and what they like (more of how to turn them on). He eventually rides the horses, his favorite being Nugget who he rides naked at night and "gets off." When Alan can't have sex with Jill, the teen stable girl, he literally has a melt down and takes it out on the horses. I must say that the stage parents of the character Alan Strang were exceptional Frank Strang played by Steve Hamilton and Dora Strang played by Jeffiner Van Dyck. Angela, Sam's devoted and charming mother made us feel welcomed to the theater. So I would gallop to Guild Hall ASAP. "Equus" by Peter Shaffer starring Alec Baldwin and Sam Underwood, Directed by Tony Walton. Produced by Josh Gladstone. Also starring Kathleen McNenny, Jennifer Van Dyck, Nehassaiu deGannes, Steve Hamilton, Terrence Micharel Mc Crossan, Tuck Milligan, Georgia Warner, Shashi Balooja, Chuck Novatka, Taylor Proffitt, Jp Qualters and Mark Larson.

Photos By:Gary Mamay And Guild Hall


Ella Alyward said…
Hello, i have tickets to see this with a family relitve and was wondering whether this would you say this play is appropriate to watch with your Grandad in a small theature? I have read many reviews that state other wise saying some shows ask for audience participation, (we have second row seats), and may of the actors appear naked. Do you think the content would be of the same level regarding beastiality, nudity, and sexual theames on a whole? Please email me with your thoughts at
thankyou x
James Edstrom said…
I dont think it will be good for children./....