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General McChrystal says Afghan insurgents trained in Iran

What has been a nagging problem for the U.S. in Iraq has now surfaced as an even greater problem in Afghanistan. Afghan insurgents are being trained in Iran. In a statement released Sunday by General McChrystal he stated "The training that we have seen occurs inside Iran with fighters moving inside Iran. The weapons that we have received come from Iran into Afghanistan.” Iran, under much scrutiny for its nuclear development program, continues to invite opposition to its government when linked to such activity.

Israeli Raid on Gaza Blockade

The topic that has dominated the news more than any other this week is that of the Israeli confrontation with the flotilla aid boats. Nine pro-Palestinian activists died when Israeli commandos boarded ships headed to the blockaded Gaza Strip early Monday. The ships refused Israeli orders to turn around and declined the offer of Israelis to deliver their aid for them. There have been countless opinions espoused about the situation. Two contrasting op-eds by syndicated columnists, one by Charles Krauthammer and the other by Bill Press, seem to capture the essence of each side of the argument.

Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model

Pressured by an aging population and rising governmental deficits, Canada's provinces are invoking hard-hitting measures in order to reduce healthcare costs. These measures may mark a beginning of an end for the widely praised state-run healthcare system.

Obama and staff struggle to account for job offers alleged as a sort of bribery

Obama and his inner political circle struggled to give answers concerning the job offers proposed to Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff in return for them dropping out of senate races. Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican made this comment about the situation "Clearly, Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff aren't isolated incidents and are indicative of a culture that embraces the politics-as-usual mentality that the American people are sick and tired of. Whatever the Obama brand used to stand for has been irrevocably shattered by the activities going on inside Barack Obama's White House."

Despite spill, Governor Jindall calls for Obama to repeal Moratorium on Off Shore Drilling

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindall pleaded for Obama to retract his moratorium on offshore drilling which haulted 33 previously permitted deepwater drilling rigs -- including 22 that are in operation off the Louisiana coast. Jindall asserted that his state’s economy is in turmoil and cannot afford to lose the jobs associated with those drilling operations.

North Korea Says War With South Korea Could Begin ‘Any Moment’

A North Korean diplomat said war on the Korean peninsula could begin at any time over accusations that the government in Pyongyang ordered the sinking of a South Koran warship.
“The present situation is so grave that a war may break out at any moment,” Ri Jang Gon, North Korea’s deputy ambassador to United Nations offices in Geneva told a conference on nuclear disarmament there, according to a text of his remarks provided by the UN.

IAEA: Iran has over 2 tons enriched uranium -2 bombs' worth

Iran has accumulated more than two tons of enriched uranium according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Two tons of uranium would be enough for two nuclear warheads. This report fuelled suspicions that Iran is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons despite the administration's adamant denial.

Federal debt tops $13 trillion mark

The federal deficit is now $13 trillion. Since the Obama Administration took power the debt has increased by $2.4 trillion (18.5% of the total debt) expanding at a rate of $4.9 billion a day. The deficit is growing at 3 times the rate of when the big spending Bush was in power.

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