William Ferro With Parade Girls

The 44th annual Hispanic Puerto Rican Day Parade in Brentwood took place on Fifth Avenue with the World famous BLACK POINT performing. Almost 100,000 people attended the parade this year. The parade is organized by Adelante, a not for profit Latino organization that serves Brentwood and the Long Island region. group BLACK POINTS appearance was made possible by the Lawyers of 1-800-CANTASO and Ferro, Kuba, Mangano, Sklyar, P.C.. Thousands of local fans were dancing to the beats of the popular performer while the firm gave out T-shirts, towels, hats and bumper stickers to the crowd. Adelante's first parade was in 1966. Since then it has become the largest Latino parade on Long Island, and the second largest in New York State, outside of New York City. The parade is continually growing, with approximately over 2,000 participants, and an estimated over 75,000 spectators. We are proud to continue the tradition of sponsoring this positive event, where the Hispanic community throughout the Island comes to celebrate its common and unique heritage. Black Point is originally from Dominican Republic. His song Watagatapitusberry was remixed by international star Pitbull together with Lil John, El Cata and Del Patio." Black Point utilized social networks like YouTube to get his name out to his audience with an average of 100,000 hits.Black Point started singing at a very early age. His uncle made him listen to various genres of music from rap from English artists, to Campamento Revolucionario and Tribu Rebelde. Listening to all these songs, his interest for music grew and he started rapping in Spanish. In 2000, his friend Ramon Emilio Jimenez got him involved in a group called La Sociedad Grupo, after that he went solo. The lawyers of 1-800-Cantaso provide legal services specializing in the areas of Personal injury. They promote music and concerts to the people of Long Island and New York City as a service to the community. They have also provided flu vaccines, donated toys for hundreds of children and have held turkey donation drives and provide other vital services for those in need throughout the year. Additionally the firm regularly provides scholarships and assists in charities. FERRO, KUBA, MANGANO, SKLYAR, P.C. have offices located in Manhattan and Long Island specializing in the areas of Personal Injury, Real Estate, Business matters, Criminal Defense and Immigration. The offices are located at 424 W. 33rd St., Suite 440 New York, NY (212) 244-7676 and 825 Veterans Memorial Hwy Hauppauge. (631) 581-9494. The website is www.ferrokuba.com.

Photo By: James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
What is this? Where is the AMERICAN parade???

We already celebrated Cinco de Mayo. And then there are TWO other independence days for Mexico... one in September. Every year.

Where does ANY other country celebrate America's Independence?

Where does any other country celebrate Americans?

Maybe, we should stop celebrating for others.

BTW: What other countries are helping with the Gulf spill? Hmm? Not their problem? Mexico and Cuba will be directly impacted. And the gulfstream will carry this mess across the Atlantic.

Pity is we would have helped them. At our taxpayers expense.

I am angry,James. Dont try to smooth these ruffled feathers with words.