In next weeks issue of Steppin' Out magazine, former Daily News gossip girl, Shallon Lester talks to Chaunce Hayden about her new MTV reality show "Downtown Girls" and why she sucked at being a gossip reporter. She also has some words for Julia Allison and talks about her last nightmare date.

Shallon Lester


Those days at the Daily News were so stressful! It was more stress than I ever thought I would be able to handle. A lot of it was really horrible. But in a way it prepared me for this reality show. I've seen gossip writing and reporting from the inside out. So if they write mean things about me, I know it's not personal. People have to have a story. They have to take a quote and turn it into something sensational because they have to sell columns. I'm glad I had the experience but I would never go back to it. Never! I really never had any scoops as a gossip reporter. The column might of had scoops, but they didn't come from me. I wasn't the best reporter. I'm good at a lot of things, but getting the dirt isn't one of them.


I think I can take Julia Allison in a fight. Actually, I don't think I can. She's pretty fit! I hope things between her and I don't come to physical blows. What can I tell you? A lot of people want a reality show of their own. It's not like she and I are the only two people in the world who want to be on TV. Besides, from what I heard, she's unplugging from the blogging world. Plus, I'm not just a blogger, I'm also an author. I'm already on my second book and I'm working on screenplays. Not bad for someone who's just 18. (Laughs)


I don't need anybody in my life at the moment. I'm willing to have someone in my life, but if they give me an ounce of baloney, they're out the door. I want someone who is a partner. Not a guy who is controlling or intimidated. I went on a blind date the other day and the guy actually told me to tone down the sarcasm! Than he emailed me the next day and said, "I'm interested in writing a dating guide for guys. Can you give me a run down of what you thought of the date?" I said, "It's your funeral!"