A Mayor Oscar Goodman Wax figure

Well kiddies, we heard from the Mayors office in Las Vegas through our roving Sin City writer friend Ellen Sterling, and we are being told that our absolute favorite Mayor Oscar Goodman, is alive and very well. This is great news to us, as we think the Martini drinker Mayor is the best. We love this guy. He not only runs a great city, he has a great time doing it. You may remember the story last week where we wondered where he was lately, and we were hoping he was OK as we had not seen him in the celebrity photos out of Vegas lately. We are being told the Mayor is great, he is just very busy in this very tough economy trying to keep Las Vegas running. Like every other Mayor in America, Oscar is working with less money and less tourists, trying to make ends meet in this great Mecca. Our Oscar is busy. We are also being told that so many people wanted Oscar to run for Governor of Nevada against Jim Gibbons who is now sitting in the famed seat. We think he should have, but now we will wait when Oscar answers his calling. We hope it is soon. Hell, with all our syndication on so many websites, we have a bigger readership than just about any newspaper or magazine, or any TV show for that matter. That's what Syndication is all about. Reaching huge amounts of people. Times Square Gossip does not care where you read our news, as long as you are reading our content, with a nice link back to us. We are only telling you this, because so many people wrote to tell us how great Oscar is. Anyway, back to Oscar Goodman. Our people in Las Vegas say he would make the best governor. Listening to our many sources there, we agree. Anyway, we hope to make it there soon. No other website outside of Las Vegas, does more on Sin City, and we want to see for ourselves. We also have the most talented photographers there from Retna Photo Agency shooting for us. We would be no where without Eric Kabik and Scott Harrison from the famed agency. These guys cover everything and they are so talented. Anyway, we are going to start planning this trip. Get ready for photos of Oscar and James Edstrom hitting the town. Our bags are packed.....
Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna